Advanced CNC Machines From Protech Machine Tool Sales

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Protech Machine Tool Sales is the leader in buying and selling used CNC Machines.

Working with a Mori Seiki Specialist

Protech Machine Tool Sales has a strong reputation as a CNC reseller. Protech carries a broad inventory so that their clients have the machines they need for success. Their current selections include several vertical machine centers from the NMV series by Mori Seiki. These multi-axis machine tools incorporate advanced technology that improves their precision and quality. Unlike other CNC resellers- Protech offers expertise in Mori Seiki products. Below are just a few of the incredible machines they provide.

DCG Technology

Models in the NMV series feature DMG Mori’s Driven at the Center of Gravity technology. DCG minimizes much of the vibration that is part of the shaping process. It also reduces rotational vibrations caused by changes in direction. By eliminating vibrations, these machines can work faster while generating products with smoother surfaces and greater precision. This technology also reduces stress on the CNC and extends its usable life.

DDM Power

The NMV series also includes Direct Drive Motor technology. This motor system produces the fastest and smoothest rotary axis drive on the market by taking several gears out of the equation. Machines with this technology have increased precision, better indexing, and a longer product lifespan.

Octagonal Ram Construction

Using an octagonal ram allows for symmetrical thermal displacement at the spindle. With this design, tools stay centered and stable even as the machine gets warmer.


The NMV 3000 is a 5-axis vertical machine center that will improve the production rate for any factory. It is ideal for creating custom parts for automotive, aerospace, and other engineering projects. It features a 15-hp spindle motor with a spin rate of 12,000 rpm. Its 220-lb load capacity will meet the needs of most projects.

NMV 5000 machines are perfect for companies that manufacture large parts. This model has a load capacity of up to 660 pounds and a table size of almost 20 inches. The 24.7-hp spindle motor allows for a fast spin rate of 20,000 rpm. Coupled with the vibration-dampening technology in the NMV series, this machine will increase production efficiency.

NMV-5000DCG with Five APC

Time counts in manufacturing. Many factories lose time when machines stand idle due to the need for loading and unloading. An automatic pallet changer solves this problem by loading raw materials and unloading finished products while the machine is at work. This NMV-5000 comes with a five-pallet changing system. You will have all the power and efficiency of the NMV-5000 with the option for continuous production.

Quality Care from Protech Machine Tool Sales

Protech Machine Tool Sales is not just about selling machines. Their reputation depends on the functionality of the tools they sell. When a used CNC machine arrives at their facility, their skilled technicians check it thoroughly. Buyers from Protech know that every machine is first examined and all recommended maintenance tasks are made. Protech understands the need for precision in 5-axis machining centers, and the CNC machine you buy will meet your standards.

Buying and Selling CNC Machines

Protech carries an extensive inventory of tools and machining centers. They are one of the few US companies with vertical machining centers from the NMV series in stock. Protech is always looking for quality used equipment. If you are in the market to sell an older machine, Protech is an excellent buyer.

With a new 5-axis machining center at your manufacturing plant, you will be ready to take your business to a new level of success. If you have other CNC machine needs, we will likely have the tools you want in stock. If not, we will work with you to find a solution.

Protech is available to answer any questions about their machines. Buy from the experts.

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