Advanced Chiropractic Rehabilitation Announces New Chiropractor Services

Advanced Chiropractic Rehabilitation has announced a range of new chiropractor services at their Thousand Oaks, CA clinic. These services include prenatal care and nutritional and supplement support. They believe that the chiropractor services will be able to provide greater health for a wider range of people through the newly launched services.

"We believe in holistic care for every type of patient," states Dr. Jon Scott, the founder of Advanced Chiropractic Rehabilitation. "We already offered fantastic pain relief and chiropractic services, but we have now added treatments specifically for pregnant women, as well as offering supplement and nutritional support to all our patients. Additionally, we will continue to give back to the community through the various charities we support."

Advanced Chiropractic Rehabilitation currently supports Manna for Thousand Oaks, Toys for Tots, Make-a-Wish Foundation, Senior Concerns - Meals on Wheels and the Wounded Warrior Project. The clinic believes all of these charities play a hugely important role in the community, delivering services to people of all ages and backgrounds. This fits in with the overall goals and aims of the clinic, with website at

Their prenatal care addresses common pregnancy issues. This includes sciatica and a painful back. Additionally, it helps women whose pelvis are not properly aligned, a common yet very painful pregnancy condition that can cause various problems during childbirth. Through these services, women can achieve a shorter delivery time and less painful birth, in a completely safe manner.

The clinic now also offers nutritional and supplement support. Using the right nutritional aids can be very beneficial to people with a range of different medical conditions, in particular chronic ones. Dr. Scott and his team now provide advice on healthy eating and dietary choices that assist with healing or in managing chronic pain. Advanced Chiropractic Rehabilitation believes in openness and transparency, which is why they have listed the supplement manufacturers they work with. At present, they recommend Standard Process, Metagenics, Zymogen, Nutriwest and Apex Energetics.

These new services are now offered on top of the already extensive range of treatment options that the clinic has. General chiropractic care is also offered, although only to those whom Dr. Scott believes they can actually help.

"We only accept patients who we sincerely believe we can help," added ACR chiropractor Dr. Nick Brock. "If we can help, we will tell you right away, if not we will let you know that as well and give you recommendations on the next steps to take. We believe in working together with our patients to help you achieve your goals!"

The clinic always tries to work together with the patient as much as possible. Hence, they offer a range of technique choices that people can work with. Dr. Scott is experienced in various types of corrective care exercises and himself and Dr. Brock regularly attend and speak at workshops. They are committed to teaching new chiropractors and have now also added wellness classes. Finally, the clinic offers spinal and postural screening and they serve patients who require custom orthotics.

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