AdQuizVideo Allows Its Users To Track Analytics And Share Statistics In One Dashboard

Social media quizzes are considered to be one of the most competitive forms of content out there, and they also help marketers generate leads, increase engagement and revenue. But the only shortcoming of quizzes is that they are difficult and expensive to create.

In this case, if people want to grow their business and boost their engagement, increase conversions on all their landing pages, AdQuizVideo is a perfect solution for them.

AdQuizVideo is a unique marketing technology that will allow marketers to create multiple engaging video quizzes in the shortest time possible. People will have the ability to start increasing traffic, engagement as well as generate their monthly revenue without any special skills. No matter what their niche is, they can easily profit with this app just by following some simple steps.

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AdQuizVideo comes with a lot of unique features that helps users grow their business efficiently. Users can get an option of text and image questions and answers to make an interactive experience for their customers.

This app allows people to configure and capture leads so that there is no need to capture them from any external source. It also lets users share the results of their quizzes onto all social networks including Facebook with just one click.
AdQuizVideo app also offers Facebook Pixel Code to retarget people who take the quiz but got interrupted. It ensures that they can see their previous quiz again when they return to the quiz.

With this product, the consumers can add an engaging video or image to their call to action and even specify a link into the offer. This way will make the audience excitedly click on users’ link, and as a result, a lot of traffic will be driven.

Adquizvideo’s users have the ability to export their quiz data in an excel format, and they can also work with their results data and use them for any purpose.

In addition to these features, this product also gives users the ability to track analytics and share statistics in one dashboard. They will be shown the buying habits of customers, the most popular answers of the majority. Also, they can know what sells so that they can re-track their marketing strategy.

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AdQuizVideo app is so powerful that it will automatically drive leads to users’ system for an immediate autoresponder. Not only that, but people will be able to capture leads through Facebook Login or Web Form so that they can utilize the data for each quiz they generate.

This app is total mobile responsive so that users can access their analytics and quizzes without having to access their PC or laptop. People can run AdQuiz Video on any device and untapped the most growing market on the internet.

The best part is that users can build automated email campaigns to drip the perfect content to each lead captured by integrating the quiz with their favorite email software. Also, they can quickly capture leads at the top or bottom of their assessment or quiz by taking advantage of their customizable lead capture form.

Despite all fantastic benefits given through a lot of features, Ad Quiz Video do not require people any tech skill to generate leads on complete autopilot. Not only that, but the consumers will also be provided a lot of training videos in every step to have the ability to engage more audiences and get higher conversions.

In addition to all the beneficial features, the developers of AdquizVideo still offer a couple of fast action bonus for their users with every purchase. One of those called “Hands-on Bonus Workshop September 21st” where people can learn how to build a list fast. During this coaching session, users will be taught in very detail how to build their list from scratch the fastest way possible. They can also discover the perfect lead magnet, exactly what to give away and most importantly how to drive a flood of excited leads and prospects to their offer.

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