Adolescent Growth Details How Its Unique Approach to Treatment Produces Results

Thanks to the organization's holistic, individualized treatments, more than 1,000 young people have received much-needed help since 2005, Adolescent Growth reports

Not all youth treatment programs are created equal, as Adolescent Growth is making clear with a new public awareness campaign. For over ten years, the Joint Commission Gold Seal of Excellence holder has transformed the lives of young people for the better through a unique, holistic approach. From substance abuse and eating disorders to depression, anxiety, and co-occurring issues, Adolescent Growth has helped more than 1,000 adolescents overcome their challenges and live life to the fullest. With a new campaign now ongoing, Adolescent Growth will help the general public understand how its proven, distinctive take on treatment consistently delivers the kinds of results that young people and their families need and deserve.

"We're very proud of what we've accomplished over the years, as well as our unique approach to the treatment of some truly challenging disorders and patterns of behavior," said Adolescent Growth Director of Admissions Katherine Fleischacker, "Just about every young person encounters plenty of challenges while growing and maturing through adolescence, but some face especially formidable ones. For over a decade, our holistic, personalized approach to treatment has been helping adolescents overcome many of the toughest challenges of all. We think our new public awareness campaign is going to open many eyes as to how much hope there is for every young person."

While some adults dismissively come to think of childhood and adolescence as carefree periods where responsibilities and other burdens have yet to become an issue, the reality is often something else entirely. Anywhere from one-third to nearly six in ten American adolescent girls, for example, struggle with either full-fledged eating disorders or dangerous dietary behaviors, with many suffering real harm as a result.

The same general idea holds for a range of other disorders that are sometimes thought of as mostly affecting adults. Substance abuse, anxiety, depression, and other problems plague a great many adolescents today, for example, and they can be every bit as destructive as when they manifest in adults.

Since 2005, Adolescent Growth has employed a unique, carefully designed approach to giving adolescents the treatment and support they deserve. With a Gold Seal of Excellence from the highly respected Joint Commission, the organization maintains three facilities, two in California and one in Illinois, where adolescents can come for holistic treatment that is tailored to each individual's specific, particular needs.

Thanks to the power of this special approach to treatment, Adolescent Growth has been able to help more than 1,000 young people recover and heal in the decade since its founding. With many of the organization's services being covered by most major insurers, Adolescent Growth has proved to be as accessible as it is effective, as well. As the new Adolescent Growth public awareness campaign continues, those interested in learning more about the group's unique approach can do so at and

About Adolescent Growth:
With a unique, holistic approach to treatment that has enabled hope, healing, and recovery for over 1,000 boys and girls, Adolescent Growth has carried the Joint Commission's prestigious Gold Seal of Excellence since its founding in 2005.

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