Adimir Institute Of Financial Education To Host Investing Seminar May 3rd In Tampa Florida

Adimir Institute Of Financial Education seminar will teach individuals the secrets of the top 1% of stock market traders, empowering them to create wealth on the markets in just 2-3 years.

Wall Street's Elite often seem unaffected by the world’s economic woes, earning huge sums of money and somehow avoiding risk almost instinctively. Frank Liz recommends that working Americans of all classes use these Wall Street lessons to grow their own wealth. A successful trader himself for many years, he is now curating a Tampa Investing seminar in Tampa, Florida to teach the secrets of trading for wealth to everyday individuals. This seminar is to be held May 3rd at the Grand Hyatt Tampa Bay Hotel. It is to be from 7:30pm to 9:30pm.

The Spanish language conference seeks to educate individuals in how to use the stock market to build their wealth rapidly and elevate themselves to a new level of luxury. The system works in just a few years using an investment program unique from 99% of the other speakers in the investment industry.

The seminar will provide knowledge on how to find the right stocks while minimizing risk to rapidly accumulate wealth, as well as how to protect growing profits, which can increase a hundred fold inside a year.

The claims from the seminar include the ability to retire wealthy starting on a five dollar a day. After the seminar itself, there will be a question and answer session, again in the Spanish language, so that individuals can mine the expert panel for insights and advice on how they can apply the principles they’ve learned.

A spokesperson for Frank Liz explained, “The course is an amazing opportunity to flip the system for hard working people struggling on a set wage income. It promises to teach the secrets of the top 1% of Wall Street traders to people in terms they can understand and crucially, begin to enact for themselves no matter the scale of their initial investment. This can allow them to accrue wealth which in itself generates bigger returns, and liberates them from restrictive fixed wage incomes.”

About Adimir Institute: The Adimir Institute is an initiative created by Frank Liz out of his desire to disseminate invaluable financial knowledge to the general public, and has to date taught trading secrets to over 30,000 people to lift their standard of living.

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