Active Fitness Introduces New Line Of Fitness Workouts Raising Bar For Enthusiasts

Active Fitness launches new classes to satisfy the demand of their customers for non traditional classes including extreme fitness workouts.

Currently, statistics show over 45 million gym memberships in the U.S. and more than 120 million worldwide. The $3.2 billion fitness equipment market is large, with the health club based activities still remaining primarily in the weights/resistance machines, treadmills, elliptical machines, stationary cycling and free weights, but the industry overall is experiencing a movement towards higher participation in non-traditional fitness and training regimes, says Fred Lemons, spokesperson for Active Fitness in Sewell, NJ.

Says Lemons, "More than ever before, our members are requesting classes and training in areas you never would have thought of ten or twenty years ago. That's why we are now offering classes in holistic and sports nutrition, sports athleticism, weight loss, strength training, body building, physical therapy, injury prevention, and more"

Lemons describes some of the new gym members they are seeing in the fitness club these days, saying, "We have a core group of members who are pushing the bar, wanting classes many would consider extreme. We aim to please, coming up with VastForce, designed to mimic rigorous outdoor activity and the Force of nature, going far beyond any Crossfit, P90X, or Insanity workout. Rock Climbing, Indian Clubbing, Suspension Training, Rowing, and Rope Climbing are just a few of the tools in this ever-changing circuit training program. VastForce raises the bar for a new generation of fitness enthusiasts, but don't worry if you're not ready for all of that yet. VastForce comes in beginner, moderate and advanced to accommodate ALL Fitness Enthusiasts."

The use of personal trainers within the gym is a growing trend also, thanks in part to the results seen from television weight loss shows. Says Lemons, "A personal trainer can custom design a thorough and safe program for any fitness level. The one on one coaching provides valuable education and can help avoid pitfalls that could impede progress. Joining a fitness club can also be an excellent source of motivation. Our trainers, for example, excel in all areas of fitness including High “Peak” Interval Training, Sports Specificity, Weight Loss, Body Building, Toning, Rehabilitation, and more. Having specialized workout equipment and fitness classes in one place provides variety and banishes boredom, while the atmosphere and social support can reinforce staying on target with fitness goals."

About Active Fitness:
Active Fitness is a single location gym and fitness center located in Turnersville, NJ. Family owned and operated for 20 years, they are there to help the community achieve their health goals through a variety of workout and nutritional provisions. With knowledgeable trainers on the facility premises at all times, Active Fitness invites everyone to become part of their family and not just another membership number.

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