Acting Classes will be begin at the John Ruskin School of Acting, Santa Monica

If interested in taking acting classes in what some call the best acting classes in Los Angeles, one will want to sign up soon.

Acting classes are about to begin at the John Ruskin School of Acting. This school is considered by many fine actors to be one at which aspiring drama students may learn the craft in a way that is both profound and authentic. Although Mr. Ruskin was hesitant to join master teacher Sanford Meisner when Meisner asked him to be a part of his faculty, it wasn't long before Ruskin was not only a teacher, but also was asked by Meisner to become an apprentice. First studying with the master at The Neighborhood Playhouse School of the Theatre in New York City and continuing with him in Bequia in the West Indies where Meisner had a residence, John was living a dream. John is honored to be one of the few teachers authorized by Sanford Meisner to teach his personal technique.

Actors who audition for a place in the Ruskin School acting classes can expect teaching that is rooted in experience and longetivity in the fields of theater, cinema, and television. The Scene Study with Master Teachers, just as the name describes, is an eight week course that is taught by a different actor-in residence each week. Some of the actors and directors who have been teachers for this course are: Dylan McDermott, Brenda Vacarro, and Edward Asner.

Included in the course work is advanced work in scene study, monologues, improvisations, and professional coaching. Mr. Meisner believed that the best acting was made up of spontaneous responses to the actor's immediate surroundings. Meisner explained that his approach was designed ” to eliminate all intellectuality from the actor's instrument and to make him a spontaneous responder to where he is, what is happening to him, what is being done to him.”

The opportunity to learn the Meisner technique is one that many actors have relished. Meisner is able to turn the mundane into the thought-provoking, which is more often than not a revelation for serious actors.

Again, New Meisner Technique Class begins next week! Call the school at 310.390.4212 or email

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