Acreated Expands Website To Include Index Of All Myers Briggs Personality Types

Acreated helps people find out what personality type they are according to the popular Myers Briggs test, but has also included a comprehensive directory of all possible personality types.

It is rare that academic exercises become a fun activity, but the Myers Briggs personality test is one rare example of such a cross over. The test was devised by psychologists for use in research, to see if personality types really affected other factors. Since then however it has found another life in psychometric employee evaluations and is even used by curious individuals as a way to pass the time and find out more about themselves. Acreated is a website that offers a high quality and free Myers Briggs assessment ( They have just created a separate resource center containing breakdowns on all the personality types ( to help people interpret the results.

The new section, entitled personality types, includes a complete directory of all the possible personality types found using the test. These are separated into categories according to what they primarily seek in life. These include duty seekers, action seekers, knowledge seekers and ideal seekers.

The directory allows people to easily click through all the personality types to find out more about them. This enables people to find out about the personality traits of friends and family, potential employees or even followers on social media, to satisfy curiosity and to help disseminate knowledge around these personality types.

A spokesperson for Acreated explained, “Offering our free online personality test was one step, but we soon discovered that people didn’t want to know only their own results, but all the possible results, and for a variety of reasons. By offering the complete directory of possible types we have created the first free and easy to access online resource center on Myers Briggs personality types. Clicking through to any personality type will offer readers detailed insights into this personality type, including predominant traits, common flaws, likely careers and even famous people with the same type. It has everything those interested in Myers Briggs could need.”

About Acreated: Acreated is a website designed to give people ready access to one of the most informative and insightful personality tests ever created. The site offers accurate myers briggs personality assessments for free and with detailed breakdowns, which can be invaluable to psychometric testing or simply for fun. The site even includes a directory of all possible personality types.

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