Aconman : How often should you clean air conditioner filter?

Do you know how often should you clean air conditioner filter? Get some basic guidelines to clean your air conditioner filter from us now to avoid aircon fix problem.

Cleaning the air conditioner filter in your wall mounted air conditioner is imperative not only to your health but your safety as well. There are lots of people understand the importance of maintenance practice but do you really know why and when you should clean your filter?

It is normal for you to experience the breeze of air conditioner is not cooling enough or delivered some unpleasant smell in the enclosed room. These are some of the consequences of not having your air conditioner filter cleaned or serviced accordingly. If you are familiar with how air conditioning works, a dirty fan or filter which accumulated a lot of dust inside the air conditioner unit will cause obstruction which hampers the normal air flow into the room or worse still the air might carry the clogged dirt along and into the evaporator coil. This will reduce the efficiency of the coil’s heat absorbing capacity and thus increase the power consumption of the unit or even cause power failure in some extreme cases.

When should you clean your air conditioner filter and how?

If you are conscious about the wellbeing of your pet which keeps you company and happy, please extend that care to your air conditioner model which keeps you comfortable at all times. Regular maintenance is the best solutions in avoiding unnecessary repairs and save you hundreds of Ringgit in doing so. Draft a schedule on how often you should get your hands dirty though doing 2 times of cleaning in a year should be a safe bet. Of course, the more frequent you turn on your unit, the more times you should spent on taking care of it. But if you are unwilling to do the cleaning yourselves, you could engage our services at all times by browsing through one of our best aircon servicing deals!

Basic guidelines to clean your air conditioner filter

So you have decided to give the filter cleaning process a try? Follow these basic guidelines and your unit should be performing fine.

1) Search for the electrical disconnect (metal box)

2) Open it and find the switch in the form of pull out or circuit breaker type and switch it to off.

3) Clean the off debris on the outside unit using water.

4) Apply coil cleaner on the outside unit.

5) Wait for a few minutes as the cleaner bonds with the dirt on the coils before rinsing it off.

Doing maintenance for your air conditioning unit is absolutely necessary to ensure you and your family get to enjoy the comfort completely. If you find doing it yourself or fixing the air conditioner is too troublesome for you, do not hesitate to take a look on our professional air con servicing deals where we provide general services, normal chemical services and overhaul chemical services.

Maintenance Services by ACONMAN

-General services

We clean the front cover and air filter of the fan coil unit to improve airflow strength, making it cleaner and healthier as well.

-Normal chemical services

We clean the indoor fan coil, outdoor condenser unit, drainage piping and check your air conditioning system to improve quality of airflow, reduce electricity consumption and prevent system breakdown.

-Overhaul chemical services

We clean the indoor fan coil and outdoor condenser unit chemically and is a step up to normal chemical services. This will not only improve the quality of the air flow but can prevent water leakage, reduce leakage of fan oil and improve overall efficiency for your unit.

Do not let your air conditioning filter suffer the same fate as most households do. Engage professional services from ACONMAN to give your air con unit the care it deserves.

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