Acne Treatz Publishes Acnezine Review To Inform Acne Sufferers About Revitol’s Product

Acne Treatz has published their review of Revitol’s new acne treatment Acnezine, analyzing its active ingredients and evaluating its effectiveness for sufferers.

Acne affects almost everyone at some point in life, but only a proportion of people suffer from acne long term, and for these people it can be a real problem. Acne affects confidence, self esteem and extroversion in sufferers and effective treatments are few and far between. Acne Treatz is a website dedicated to offering original, impartial and in-depth reviews of acne treatments to separate the advertising hype from the effective reality. Revitol have led the way for some time in commercially available acne treatments, so expectations were high for their Acnezine treatment, and Acne Treatz have now published their findings.

The Acnezine review begins with a general introduction to the product and the company, before exploring the active ingredients included in the product and how they aim to treat the problem. Acnezine is different because it uses both a pill and a cream to affect acne from without and within. This effectively out-flanks the multiple causes of acne and re-treats the skin to develop without the drawbacks.

The review explains that the approach offers a minimum of side effects such as dry or red skin, while managing free radicals, reducing inflammation, and boosting skin healing times to make the results as transformative and fast as possible. What’s more, it takes only one usage to permanently change the chemical balance of the skin.

A spokesperson for Acne Treatz explained, “Acne is caused by numerous factors. Hormones, oil in the skin, dirt and bacteria from the outside world, and genetic predispositions all play a part in creating acne of all severities. The product we have tested uses a broad-spectrum approach to reduce the amount of oil produced in the skin, accelerate the cellular metabolism and immune system so that bacteria can be dealt with more effectively before skin becomes inflamed to acne. Because it has a short term use and acts as a one-time solution, it promises a lifetime of freedom from acne which will be attractive to any sufferer.”

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