Ace Pacific Helps Companies Re-Emerge into the New Digital Ocean

Ace Pacific is a digital media consulting agency focused on expanding digital authority in both US and international markets.

Many organizations have encountered a change of process due to the pandemic. Remote capabilities for workers who were used to reporting to offices is almost non-existent within the US. New considerations like cybersecurity for remote employees, ensuring continued company morale for disjointed staff, now rank on top of the to-do list. Companies in general, are going back to the drawing board to revise strategies around digital marketing and business development. What was once physical is now virtual and many businesses have started to automate their processes within the digital playing field.

The search for a good digital media agency has always been an uphill task for the businesses. It is nothing less than a blessing for the rising entrepreneurs and the old-school business owners if they find a suitable agency that caters to all their digital needs. They either find experts with no connections to the renowned media houses or find agencies charging hefty amounts with zero vision and expertise.

Ace Pacific has been able to fill the void for companies of all shapes and sizes across the US and abroad. Prior to the pandemic, many businesses operated without having a firm digital strategy or being prepared for their workforce to work remotely. Cory Chamberlain, founder of Ace Pacific explained, “Many of these companies not only seemed unprepared but seemed to be in a race to understand how to quickly acquire digital authority and exposure; then how to expedite their projects prior to their competitors.” Ace Pacific has helped large Biotech, Financial, Investment, Healthcare and Entertainment agencies tackle this issue in a matter of weeks and has been able to help them in expanding their digital exposure.

Many of the pre-pandemic strategies were purged, as explained by Chamberlain. “Beyond PR products, a large majority of the same companies were keen on learning techniques to acquire new leads and business development. Many of the companies were using social media platforms like LinkedIn, Facebook, and Instagram, but not using them as prospecting tools. I was able to showcase the efficacy of a tool like LinkedIn’s Sales Navigator, which opened a lot of eyes and automated several processes.” Cory Chamberlain, the founder and CEO of Ace Pacific is a media virtuoso with years of expertise under his belt. It was his vision and thoughtfulness that made Ace Pacific a leader in the digital media market.

As explained within interview, Chamberlain commented “It’s not just feature placement in publications & social media advertising which will establish a strong digital footprint, but now an overall digital eco-system that will combine business functions with media.”

Ace Pacific believes in the “horses for courses, “approach and assembles teams according to the project needs. Ace Pacific doesn’t believe in throwing the proverbial digital vocabulary at its clients but instead listen to their dreams, their values and the needs of their businesses which helps experts at Ace Pacific devise an agile and robust strategy to move forward. The teams are delegated to work according to their expertise. Keeping the client in the loop at every stage of the project is an integral part of Ace Pacific’s methodology. At every stage, the project is monitored in its totality to ensure high quality, adherence to project guidelines and client expectations. And finally, all the elements are integrated into the final, seamless product.

Ace Pacific is known for taking its clients to their desired level of authority in the most cost-effective way possible and has helped small-to-medium businesses as well as large enterprise companies dominate the digital game for over 10 years. Ace Pacific is now officially entering the “Big Leagues” and is focusing on high level consulting strategies to work with and help the international firms entering the US markets as well as the US based companies looking to expand into international markets.

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