AC Supplies Offer Best Return for Bathroom Renovations

Australian Construction Supplies (AC Supplies) offers the finest quality freestanding bathtubs and bathroom renovations to help homeowners get best return for their investments.

When it comes to home improvements, bathroom renovations are one of the top choices because of how they increase a home’s value and add convenience and luxury for homeowners. No one knows that better than AC Supplies who has spent ten years offering a full line of bathtubs and freestanding bathtubs to fit into any style interior from modern to traditional. While these style choices change depending on the style of the home and the preference of the homeowner, there are some aspects that remain the same across the board and that is everyone wants the highest quality fixtures, without having to go over budget.

Ken, from, Vaucluse, NSW, had this to say about his experience with AC Supplies: “As a builder it is important to keep within budget on all our projects, while still building a quality project. I was able to get both quality, and keep within budget for the 24 units I was building in Vaulcuse. I appreciate all your time and help Babak, and fast turnaround time. You can be sure I will be using you for future projects.”

Freestanding bathtubs are currently a hot commodity for giving an additional sense of elegance and sanctuary to busy families. It’s important to find features in these and other style bathtubs that will stand the test of time. The features that are most highly sought include not only style options, but material options that offer the highest quality of longevity and heat retention. For example, AC Supplies stocks heavy gauge acrylic that is fifty percent heavier than what can be found elsewhere in order to offers the additional rigidity needed for the freestanding styles. When high quality materials and high style are combined, the end result will be bathroom renovations that will increase the value of the home and the overall enjoyment of the occupants as well.

About Australian Construction Supplies:
The goal of this ten year old business is to offer top quality products at competitive pricing, in a timely manner. Since Australian Construction Supplies understands that actions speak louder than words, and consistently deliver that action by way of exemplary customer service, they have become a premier supplier that builders, renovators and developers rely on time and again for all their bathroom supply needs.

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