Abspiration Launches, Delivering Reliable, Helpful Paleo Diet Information

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Site launch at Abspiration.com includes reviews of popular cookbooks, a look at the best reasons to switch to a paleo diet, and more, Abspiration founders report

The founders of Abspiration announced that the brand-new health and fitness site has launched and is now available to visitors at Abspiration.com. With a special focus on the so-called "paleo" dietary movement, the site is already stocked with exclusive, useful articles and other content. Visitors to the new site will find plenty of interest, including reviews of popular cookbooks that aim at providing delicious, healthy recipes for those attracted to the paleo lifestyle.

"It has long since become clear that paleo is anything but a passing fad," Abspiration representative Mia Lau said, "Paleo might well be the purest, most powerful expression yet of the dietary insights that have been shaking up the world of human nutrition for years. What is needed, now more than ever, is reliable, unbiased information about how to incorporate the benefits of paleo into our everyday lives. Abspiration was founded to help in that quest, and we're proud to announce that the new site is now online."

For well over a hundred years now, the United States Department of Agriculture, like analogous agencies elsewhere in the world, has issued nutritional guidelines meant to reflect the consensus views of dietitians and other health professionals. In 1992, the USDA put its backing behind a now-iconic "food pyramid" visual guideline that depicted carbohydrate-heavy foods like bread, pasta, and rice as the foundation of a healthful diet.

In the near quarter-century since, Americans have only become heavier and more frequently plagued by the many problems, like diabetes, associated with being overweight. Both among medical professionals and the general public, many now suspect that at least part of the reason for this is the widespread over-consumption of carbohydrates and sugar, along with associated metabolic effects.

As this basic viewpoint has increasingly become a respected part of the mainstream, people of all backgrounds and goals have sought out ways to best embody it in their daily lives. One increasingly popular approach is to adhere to a diet meant to parallel the nutritional habits of paleolithic human beings, with the idea being that this is what the human body is naturally tuned to consume.

With so many people becoming interested in paleo diets, Abspiration was founded to provide the kinds of useful, reliable information that are often so hard to find. As with any popular new movement, paleo has been attended by some exaggerated claims and opportunism, meaning that many have found it difficult to learn how to get started or to delve further into the field.

Thanks to the launch of Abspiration, those interested in what paleolithic diets have to offer gain an important new resource. The new site already contains a number of highly accessible, entirely free articles and reviews and will be updated regularly as time goes on.

About Abspiration:
With a firm focus on providing useful, unbiased information about paleolithic diets and related subjects, Abspiration makes it easy to learn about how best to incorporate these often-interesting approaches into everyday life.

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