Absolute Vending Introduces Cashless State Of The Art Vending Machines In Southern CA

Absolute Vending urges business owners to maximize their profits with cashless vending machines.

According to vending industry statistics, cashless vending is on the rise, with significant profits realized by vending machine owners who utilized credit or debit card readers on their vending machines. Study results showed cashless purchases made up approximately 25-27% of total sales in the market, up sharply from 15% just a few years prior. With this in mind, Alan, spokesperson for Absolute Vending has announced their company is now offering credit and debit card vending machine in Long Beach.

Says the Absolute Vending spokesperson, "Industry studies report that vendors with machines that accept credit and debit-card payments take in more money, on average, than their cash-only and coin-only counterparts. Investing in new candy and soda machines that include these features is well worth the investment, enabling you to cash in on this trend while enticing customers with attractive, bright, colorful machines." He also adds, when credit cards are available to be used for sales, the amount of money people are willing to spend also rises.

Absolute Vending, a leader in vending machines in San Gabriel Valley, also offers customers fresh products, new equipment and excellent service. Alan explains the secret of their longevity in the industry. "We bring in brand new state of the art vending machines that never fail, making the office managers look like super heros. Additionally, we're changing the face of the previously negative image of vending products. In the past, people assumed everything in the machines was going to be bad for you, but that's not the case with our contents. We offer a bigger selection of healthy beverages and snacks than you currently have, giving more options for your staff. Customers can now customize the choices, choosing from a list of over 175 different sodas, juices, Snapple, or bottled water. We have over 750 snacks, cookies or candies. We also offer healthy snacks like fresh fruits and sandwiches."

Alan commented outdated vending equipment hurts revenues, and encourages business managers to invest in technologically superior equipment loaded with features that help you better serve your clients as well as boost your business volume. "If you're tired of having stale products, outdated machines and bad service from vendors, it's time to make a change to a company who cares about your business. For the best selection of food and beverage machines with state of the art vending machines in Anaheim and Los Angeles, we are the clear cut choice." Alan emphasizes.

About Absolute Vending:
Serving all of the southern California and southern Nevada regions, Absolute Vending prides itself on top notch service and delivery on time, every time. They offer a large, customizable menu for commercial businesses and are able to cater to lists of approved only snacks for vending machines in schools.

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