Absolute Maintenance and Consulting Alerts the Public about Unknown Health Issues from Flooring

Information Shared by Absolute Maintenance and Consulting Warns of Toxic Laminate Flooring

Many customers of Absolute Maintenance and Consulting usually call them to check for indoor air quality problems, water damage, and mold remediation particularly when they start getting sick and having health issues for no apparent reason. Using state-of-the-art FLIR B-cam, an infrared camera, the company soon discovers it is not a mold issue or water leaking that is causing their customers’ health problems.

At present, Absolute Maintenance and Consulting is giving their customers access to their mold information booklet. The company understands health-conscious individuals and recommends doing air testing and sampling with their mold removal services carried out by a clinical hygienist who can check for high levels of any toxins or anything else that would be causing health issues in the home.

Determined to improve unknown health issues, on March 1st of 2015, Absolute Maintenance and Consulting came across a story on 60 Minutes by Anderson Cooper of CBS News where certain lumber distributors in Los Angeles and other places have been selling cheaper hardwood laminate flooring. This particular flooring has been found to have high levels of formaldehyde, known to be a cancer-causing chemical. One of the companies, Lumber Liquidators, claims that the Chinese-made flooring is safe. Although based on reports and in recent news, they appeared to have gotten products from manufacturers in China who may be known to distribute the dangerous wood. Currently, many consumers are removing this type of flooring from their homes because of imminent health issues that are arising.

As a matter of fact, formaldehyde is the glue being used to bind the wood particles together to make the core boards and laminate flooring. The laminate top, which covers the core board, keeps most of the formaldehyde emissions trapped inside, but formaldehyde can and does leak into the air. How much is released depends on how much formaldehyde is in the glue, and how much ventilation is in the home. Think of it as if living in a chamber and though it may be comfortable in there, the constant exposure to this potent carcinogen is detrimental to anyone’s health. However, it is likely that having floors tested is unnecessary.

“However if everyone would rather play it safe or suspect this may be an issue, have somebody do sampling and otherwise to see if the flooring is the issue,” recommends Absolute Maintenance and Consulting. If so, then it is wise to consider replacing it.

The company is bringing the information to light and letting people know that this inexpensive flooring, though at potentially great price, may at this time be causing issues.

“If people are experiencing health concerns, consider checking for water damage and mold remediation through mold removal services in Los Angeles,” advises Absolute Maintenance and Consulting.

According to Absolute Maintenance and Consulting, this is simply their advice based on the information in the article and in no way or form do they offer any legal advice or otherwise. It is the company’s intention to inform their clients so that they can be aware of this in case possible mold issues in the home end up actually being an issue caused by the flooring.

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