AbscentDesign.com Launches a Summer Vacation Campaign

Parents find odor free bags help to reduce the smell of used gym clothing, not only for their children, but also for their own workout clothes, reports Abscent Design

The school year is ending for many students, which means children will be bringing their personal items home for summer vacation. For many, this includes their gym uniform. Parents with children understand the stench that may accompany this gym clothing and wonder if they will ever get the smell out of the child's backpack or duffel. Doing so has never been easier thanks to odor free bags.

"With approximately 50 million children attending school in America, this adds up to an astounding amount of gym clothing. Although younger children typically wear their regular clothing for physical education, students at the middle or high school level often must change into a specific uniform. The goal of physical education is to get the child moving, yet the resulting sweat and accompanying smell can be overwhelming. The Abscent Design duffels and backpacks eliminate this issue," John Winters, spokesperson for Abscent Design, explains.

With the help of carbon lined bags, even strong odors can be kept at bay. Carbon features a large surface area, providing it with numerous bonding sites. When odors moves through the carbon, they attach to it, and this helps to keep the smells inside the bag instead of in one's home or car. In fact, carbon is the most adsorbent substance known to man, which is why Abscent Design opted to use it in their products, rather than turning to other odor adsorbing substances.

Abscent Design bags provide layers of protection to effectively absorb the smells and are meticulously constructed to lock in odors. Thanks to the unique technology used in these products, smell proof security is optimized, Winters reports. To further combat smells, each product comes with odor eating flaps and a specialty zipper.

When choosing a bag, parents need to find one which is both functional and attractive. Both features help to ensure the bag is used on a routine basis, rather than just when one remembers to grab it. The products offered through Abscent Design fulfill both criteria, and one may choose from a vendor, duffel or banker bag, inserts for bags of these types or a backpack for use by their child.

"Parents find they benefit from odorless bags also. With more than 45 million Americans belonging to a gym, clothing must be transported from one place to another, and the smell of used workout gear can be powerful. Contain gym clothes in carbon lined bags and the problem is solved. The bags come in a variety of styles and sizes to meet the needs of all, so every consumer can easily find one they love and want to carry with them every day," Winters declares.

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Abscent Design strives to provide quality products that are also functional, making use of superior materials together with precise manufacturing techniques to provide the best in odor free bags.

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