Abs After 40 Review Reveals Ripped Abs Strategy Used by 4 Million Men

Abs After 40 is a program which addresses this issue and aims at men who wish to restore their attractive physical appearance. It helps aging men in turning a flabby body into a well-toned figure.

Abs After 40 is a weight loss program by Mark Mcilyar that helps middle-aged men to get rid of stubborn belly fat as well build six pack abs. Mark Mcilyar teaches men that testosterone levels can be naturally elevated by adopting manageable lifestyle changes and performing compound movements like squats and dead-lifts.

One of the negative consequences related to getting older is an out-of-shape physical appearance. The body loses its natural youth and does not appear attractive anymore. The pounds keep on increasing, leading to a protruding belly. This is accompanied by declining energy levels which make it more difficult for middle-aged folks to carry out necessary physical workout regimes. Abs After 40 is a program which addresses this issue and aims at men who wish to restore their attractive physical appearance. It helps aging men in turning a flabby body into a well-toned figure.

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The program stresses the importance of age as a culprit behind the inability to lose weight effectively. As explained by Mark, most men over the age of forty fail to get the desired results despite hard exercise routines. However, it is not their fault. Instead, it is the age-related debilitation that results in this failure. Therefore, the program unveils effective ways of overcoming all weaknesses in order to be able to turn an out-of-shape body back into an attractive and well-toned appearance.

Following this program can lead to many benefits. It is primarily aimed at helping middle-aged men shed unnecessary pounds. This process will lead to a desirable appearance instead of the usual “grandpa look” that most men carry at this age. As a result, one’s confidence levels will be raised. This is very important for reviving one’s social life.

In Six Pack Abs After 40, the author Mark Mcilyar has talked about how a number of men feel the symptoms of hormonal imbalance starting from age 40. Their fertility begins to slump and the androgen level drops to 15% which is why they are welcome to meet all the possible symptoms of low testosterone. Fat popping in the abdomen is one of the low testosterone symptoms in men over 40. Also, the symptoms of low testosterone in men over 40 lead to the development of impotence, diabetes, heart disease, heart attacks and sooner or later impairs the quality of life and marks down active men longevity.

The program helps aging men bring a positive change to their life. The recommended workouts focus at reducing the waist size significantly. The natural fat deposits in this area are difficult to lose through conventional exercise plans. It takes a considerable amount of time to lose a couple of pounds. Many men will start seeing results in the first few weeks and if they stick through can see the effects of their hard work for a long time after. The program does require work which should be obvious of any fitness program.

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Six Pack Abs after 40 subsists on compound exercises which naturally boost up overall hormone production. Though the concept about andropause is a bit controversial but men often experience changes in their body either physically, mentally or emotionally somewhere in between 40-55 due to decline in testosterone level. Further effects of compound exercises are: burn more calories in less time, focuses on major group of muscle so that the exercise is less stressful and prevent injury. These compound exercises also strengthen the muscle and maximize workout efficiency.

According to Mark, compound movements are the kings of abdominal exercise. No amount of other movements or exercises replicates their effects on overall strength and size development. If men are not using big compound lifts in their strength training program, they probably need to go back to square one and redesign the whole thing.

Compound movements are said to be quite dangerous for older men but Mark Mcilyar has customized these moves for men above 40 so there is no to less danger of getting injured or hurt. The program contains exercises which only last 20 to 35 minutes max. Abs after 40 consists of a diet plan which claims to bring a man’s hormones into balance. According to Mark, what men put in their gullet has a direct effect on their testosterone count. The diet plan recommended by Mark helps amp up a man’s testosterone levels when they are 40 and over.

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