Abs After 40 Review Reveals How Men Over 40 Can Melt Fat and Get A Lean, Strong Physique

Abs After 40, a new program from 53 fitness pro Mark Mcilyar reveals how men 40 years of age and above can melt away stubborn fat, boost energy and develop a lean, strong physique.

Abs After 40, a new program released from Mark Mcilyar reveals how older men, 40 and above can get rid of stubborn mid-section fat, develop lean, tone muscle and obtain six pack abs. The author of this workout program just for men, 53 year old Mark Mcilyar spent years researching why men over 40 struggle to lose fat due to his own personal struggle and the answer became the foundation of the newly released Abs After 40 workout program.

During the course of investigation Mark Mcilyar discovered that men over 40 struggle to drop weight due to a hormonal system that grows less and less effective as aging occurs. This hormonal change affects metabolic functions and leptin signals from communicating properly which causes the body to not properly process fat loss signals resulting in more fat gain. Hormones are critical to proper fat loss in men and due to aging and other factors which Abs After 40 goes into detail men will struggle to see results.

Discover How Mark Mcilyar's Abs After 40 Program Can Help Men To Over 40 Shed Stubborn Belly Fat, Get Fit & Obtain Six Pack Abs

According to the Abs After 40 program the most vital hormone men see a decrease in is Testosterone. This vital hormone plays such a critical role for men in regards to energy, fat loss, muscle building and a number of other functions. Studies have shown this vital hormone begins to decrease when men hit 30 and continues to decrease, but Mark Mcilyar claims in his Abs After 40 program the decrease in hormonal functions can be reversed.

"Compound Movements with free weights are one of the most important exercises aging men can, but the main problem with them is the free weights. As men age it becomes harder and more dangerous to life weights and this can result in more injury affecting results. The key is to use a specific type of compound movements which are low impact in nature and require a specific intensity per set. The customized compound movements combined with a specific intensity revealed in Abs After 40 allow fat to burn off men as if they were 20 years old again," reports Mark Mcilyar.

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The entire Abs After 40 workout program is broken into 3 different workout phases. This allows men to achieve results on a progressive scale and builds up the body's ability to achieve more consistent and rapid results by performing more intense movements. The phases focus on specific movements which causes the body to stimulate the production of these vital hormones and help to balance out the hormone and metabolic functions. Due to the 3 phase approach inflammation is kept to a minimum which allows less recovery time.

The first phase of Abs After 40 is based around removing stubborn and unwanted mid-section fat. Men can't reveal lean, tone muscle if fat is covering it up. This fat must be removed for percision results. So phase one of the course starts with eliminating this stubborn belly fat and eventually leads into the second phase of the Abs After 40 program. The second phase of the program deals with optimization of the hormones. Stubborn fat plays a role in disrupting proper hormone production so now that the fat has been removed optimization of hormones can begin. In phase 2 the individual begins to focus on large muscle groups and exercises that stimulate muscle growth which helps increase production of Testosterone and other hormones

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In the final and third Phase of Mark Mcilyar's Abs After 40 program the men will now start focuses on developing and obtaining solid six pack abs. According to the author getting and maintaining six pack abs isn't as difficult as many believe. The key is to have a solid foundation with knowledeable training in a step by step, follow along format. Mark Mcilyar shows men how to use a special type of ab training referred to as A40s.

This method combines many of the most effective core and ab training exercises. This phase of the program targets ab muscles in a 360 degree manner and also works the core too. The program can work for men under the age of 40, but men 40 and above will receive greater benefits as the movements, exercises and nutrition part of the program is optimized for older men.

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