Abs After 40 Review Reveals a Shortcut To Six Pack Abs For Men Over 40

The solution to all the problems lies within Abs After 40. The three-phased program consists of diet plans and low impact compound exercises that targets more than one muscle group at a time.

Abs After 40 is a 90-day fitness training program that claims to help people gain lean muscles and a well-defined body. It is specifically created for men above the age of 40 who have trouble maintaining their physique due to the lack of time, motivation, energy, and stamina.

The program is created by Mark Mcilyar, a 53-year old fitness icon and male model who believes that men also have the right to look as they desire just like women do. In his program, he explains that even though older men do desire to look good and maintain their body, most exercises that come up in training sessions are often geared toward younger men.

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Another obstacle that gets in the way of older men is the reduced level of testosterone. The hormone testosterone is a male sex hormone necessary for the development of sexual and reproductive organs. Although, men at the time of their puberty have sufficient levels of testosterone – the levels gradually decline when they hit their 40s. Men with low testosterone levels generally find themselves with less energy, drop in muscle mass, and low sexual drive. Men with low testosterone levels also have a difficult time losing weight.

The solution to all the problems lies within Abs after 40. The three-phased program consists of diet plans and low impact compound exercises that targets more than one muscle group at a time.

The program includes exercises that can be conveniently performed at home without investing in any gym equipment. These exercises last for only 20 -25 minutes and protect the men’s joint and bones while giving them the desired benefits. These include:

• Hormone Rejuvenation Exercises
• Workouts with free weights
• Diet plan that includes a list of foods that helps balance hormonal levels in man

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The diet plan that comes with the Abs after 40 program is also easy to follow and helps enhance the testosterone levels naturally. The 12-week program includes:

• Introduction To The Program
• Week 1 - The 40 Food Choices For Building Up The Abs
• Week 2- The 60-Minute Grill And Go Method
• Week 3 – Grab And Go Snack Ideas
• Week 4 – Recipes To Create Chicken Tacos
• Week 5 – Food Lists That Support High Testosterone Levels
• Week 6 – Dietary Fat Products That Help Gain Lean Mass
• Week 7 – Conveniently Available Foods That Define 6 Pack Abs
• Week 8 – Trigger Your Body To Produce More Testosterone
• Week 9 – Support For Weight Loss
• Week 10 – 7 Easy Ways To Stay Motivated On Weight Loss Goals
• Week 11 – 3 Simple Ways To Balance Social Life While On A Diet
• Week 12 – 6 Essential Supplements That Should Be Consumed By Men Over 40

For more information on Abs After 40 guide, visit the official website here: www.rippedabsafter40.com

The program is currently available for $97.00. However the prices are expected to increase to $197.00 after 500 men make the purchase. The program is also backed with a 60-day money back guarantee which the users can benefit from if they don’t find the product satisfactory and/or effective.

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