Abs After 40 Review Reveals 3 Simple Ways to Get Lean Toned Abs At Any Age

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bs after 40 provides a workout regimen that caters specifically to the needs of middle-aged men by composing different sets of low-impact compound exercises which will help to fasten their metabolic rate, naturally boost testosterone levels, and increase muscle mass.

Testosterone levels mainly spike during adolescence and early adulthood. However as men get older, their testosterone level bit by bit slumps, typically about 1 percent a year after 40. There is a newly launched fitness and weight-control program named “Abs After 40” created by Mark Mcilyar which boosts low testosterone levels. Abs After 40 occludes the fat genes and keeps men lean! It comes with a nutrition plan which helps bring a man’s hormones into balance. Eating these nutrient dense foods will help a man’s body thrive.

This 12 week exercise program contains compound exercises to help men experience the utmost benefits from a limited amount of exercise time. These exercises involve more muscle tissue and helps the body increase its net energy expenditure. The compound exercises like squat move the hips in all three planes which can improve how all of the muscles work together to produce and control force.

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The mind behind this incredible program is Mark Mcilyar who is a health and fitness specialist. He came up with this solution when he began facing the problem himself in his fifties. He used his experience as well as research to create a fitness program which focuses on middle-aged men. Mark first found out the reason behind a deteriorating physical appearance as men get older. After discovering the reason, he formulated a plan which addresses the issue through effective workout strategies as well as a specific diet.

In this program, he talks about how a number of men feel the symptoms of hormonal imbalance starting from age 40. Their fertility begins to slump and the androgen level drops to 15% which is why they are welcome to meet all the possible symptoms of low testosterone. Fat popping in the abdomen is one of the low testosterone symptoms in men over 40. Also, the symptoms of low testosterone in men over 40 lead to the development of impotence, diabetes, heart disease, heart attacks and sooner or later impairs the quality of life and marks down active men longevity.

This plan consists of three phases to help men achieve their fitness goals step by step. The first phase stimulates rapid fat breakdown by means of simple exercise routines. The second phase focuses on enhancing the natural production of testosterone. Once this is achieved, the body is ready for the third phase which puts the fat burning process in full gear. All this is achieved through the exercise routines recommended by Mcilyar.

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The exercises rendered inside Abs After 40 teach the muscles how to coordinate the firing of the motor units responsible for timing muscle contractions. These exercises can actually help men improve their movement skills and dynamic balance which can actually help improve overall quality of life. In addition to that, the exercises only last 20 to 35 minutes maximum.

Furthermore, the program comes with diet consisting of food items which help bring a man’s hormones into balance. Working to balance hormones will make a big difference in weight. Eating these nutrient dense foods will help a man’s body thrive. After eating these foods, a man’s body will produce hormones correctly and maintain hormonal balance as it has the building blocks it needs to do so.

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In order to prove his authenticity and sincerity, Mark Mcilyar is willing to issue a 60-day money back guarantee to users who do not find the Abs After 40 system to be satisfying. All in all, this system is not only to attain six pack abs, it is also filled with great health and nutritional benefits. Plus, it is free of any side-effects and is quite affordable without being a risky investment.

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