Abs After 40 Review Exposes 3 Easy Hacks To A Flatter Belly And Get Ripped Six Pack Abs For Middle-Aged Men

Mark Mcilyar teaches men that testosterone levels can be naturally elevated by adopting manageable lifestyle changes and performing compound movements like squats and dead-lifts.

Once men hit 40, their testosterone levels are not going to be where they were in their young adulthood. The T levels pratfall with age. When testosterone levels are low, it can have a negative impact both on a man's emotional and physical health. A number of men put all their hopes on TRT to increase their testosterone levels.

Abs After 40 is a newly launched fitness course created by Mark Mcilyar who warns of the danger of testosterone replacement therapy. Mark teaches people that even though TRT can boost T levels back to normal but there are also risks to TRT and the long-term safety is not clear.

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A number of side-effects can surface from using medically prescribed TRT which include infertility, accelerated hair loss, accelerated body hair growth, shrinkage of the testicles, bouts of aggressiveness and development of Gynaecomastia. Also, testosterone therapy has been linked to potential cardiac issues, problems with lowered good cholesterol and a loss in sperm production.

Abs After 40 helps bring a man’s hormones into balance! Moreover, Mark Mcilyar in this program teaches men that even in their 40s, testosterone levels can be naturally elevated by adopting manageable lifestyle changes and performing compound movements like squats and deadlifts.

There are a number of ways to train the abdominal muscles. Abs can be one of the more difficult body parts for most men to develop as the abdominal muscles are more of an endurance-type muscle group and can respond to training differently than other body parts. The abdominals have a higher percentage of slow twitch muscle fibers.

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According to Mark, compound movements are the kings of abdominal exercise. No amount of other movements or exercises replicates their effects on overall strength and size development. If men are not using big compound lifts in their strength training program, they probably need to go back to square one and redesign the whole thing.

Compound movements are said to be quite dangerous for older men but Mark Mcilyar has customized these moves for men above 40 so there is no to less danger of getting injured or hurt. The program contains exercises which only last 20 to 35 minutes max. Abs after 40 consists of a diet plan which claims to bring a man’s hormones into balance.

According to Mark, what men put in their gullet has a direct effect on their testosterone count. The diet plan recommended by Mark helps amp up a man’s testosterone levels when they are 40 and over.

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Additionally, this course is available at a price of $97 for now but after the first 500 men purchase it, the price will go up to $197, as stated on Abs After 40’s official website.

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