Abs After 40 Reveals How Men Over 40 Can Slim Down, Build Muscle & Get Six Pack Abs

Abs After 40 shows men over 40 an easy, step by step follow-along solution to melt body fat, slim down, optimize hormones and develop a lean, muscular physique using Mark Mcilyar's new program.

Abs After 40 is a new program from fitness professional Mark Mcilyar that provides men over 40 an easy to follow strategy for developing a lean, slim, muscular physique using a specific protocol. This new protocol helps aging men optimize hormones which stimulates fat burning, muscle growth and improved energy levels. 53 year old Mark Mcilyar developed this follow-along video program for men who struggle to see results even though these men are doing everything correct. The problem isn't with training, but according to Abs After 40 author Mark Mcilyar the problem is a hormone system which doesn't work correctly due to increased aging, but this issue can be corrected.

Abs After 40 creator Mark Mcilyar spent a number of years researching the reason why older men struggle to slim down and get rid of stubborn fat. Most men are able to burn fat at a steady rate when younger, but as the body grows older the hormonal systems that control these functions don't work as effective. When the hormonal system becomes out of balance the result is increased weight gain, lack of energy and loss of muscle mass.

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The Abs After 40 program reveals that the male hormone called "Testosterone" is one of the most important hormones for men. As men age the body produces less and less testosterone. This vital hormone is needed because it helps to regulat energy, fat loss, muscle building and a number of other functions. Even though this hormone decreases as men age the body can accelerate production of Testosterone when the right conditions are met. Author of Abs After 40 explains.

"One of the best exercises for men over the age of 40 are Compound Movements with free weights, but the problem with them is the free weights. As men age it becomes harder and more dangerous to life weights and this can result in more injury affecting results. The key is to use a specific type of compound movements which are low impact in nature and require a specific intensity per set. The customized compound movements combined with a specific intensity revealed in Abs After 40 allow fat to burn off men as if they were 20 years old again. This type of exercise will stimulate testosterone production due to the large muscle groups which are affected," reports Mark Mcilyar.

Discover Why Men Over 40 Can Utilize This Step By Step Protocol For Improved Energy, Consistent Fat Loss And A Lean, Muscular Physique

The Abs After 40 workout program is split into 3 different modules. Each module of the phase is designed to be progressive so that completing one module prepares you for the next one. The modules are broken down into fat loss, hormone optimization and muscle growth.

Module 1 of the Abs After 40 program shows men exactly how to stimulate fat-burning to remove stubborn stomach fat. One of the reasons men struggle to get six pack abs is because a thick layer of fat is hiding them. This fat must be removed so the abs can appear. The second module of the Abs After 40 program deals with hormone optimization because hormones play the biggest role in muscle growth. In module 2 men using the program begins to focus on exercises which activate large muscle groups at once and exercises that stimulate muscle growth which helps increase production of Testosterone and other hormones. These workouts are low impact in nature and men, even with no experience can perform them using the follow-along videos.

In the third module of the Abs After 40 program men will have noticed results and loss fat will now start to focuses on developing six pack abs. Six pack abs are not to hard to obtain when a strategy is presented in a step by step manner. Mark Mcilyar shows men how to use a special type of ab he used to obtain results called A40s. This ab training method combines many of the most effective core and ab training exercises.

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The Abs After 40 program can work for men under the age of 40 too, but men 35 years and older will receive more value due to the hormone optimization module. Abs After 40 is not recommended for women at all. Abs After 40 also provides everyone a 60 day money back guarantee. This allows men interested in trying the program time to test it out with no risk. In addition, the entire Abs After 40 program features follow along workout videos and a video nutritional system which shows men specific foods and recipes to boost metabolism and optimize hormones. For men over 40 Abs After 40 provides a simple, follow-along solution to help men look and feel great.

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