Abs After 40: Mark Mcilyar's Workout Plan That Helps Men Over 40 Get Six Pack Abs

Mark Mcilyar's Abs After 40 workout plan which has been used by thousands of men in just the past few months has been making waves and getting a lot of reviews in the fitness industry.

Abs After 40 workout program is a 12 week home-training program taught by the head trainer of the biggest fitness Youtube channel, Mark Mcilyar of Six Pack Shortcuts. The course contains a exercise program and a nutrition guide that is aimed to help men over 40 increase their testosterone and improve their body's physique even if they have prior injuries.

With hundreds of testimonials from guys who have successfully completed the program, the system is gaining a lot of attention and gaining popularity by men all over the world. If followed through out the program, men will start seeing results for themselves. The program is online and videos detail exactly what to do from types of foods to eat and when to which exercises to do and the duration.

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The program is divided into 3 phases which have different outcomes for each one. Phase one is a fat loss jump start. In order to see the best results one needs to start burning off the belly fat. The next phase is the hormone optimization section which will accelerate the burning of the fat for men and also help to start building muscle. The final phase is the maintenance phase which is where the full on fat burning mode is at.

Many men will start seeing results in the first few weeks and if they stick through can see the effects of their hard work for a long time after. The program does require work which should be obvious of any fitness program. Mark and his team at Six Pack Shortcuts are so confident in the program that they offer a no risk 60 day money back guarantee. Along with the program, one becomes part of their community and get to enjoy discounts on many of their other products and services.

Currently there are not many programs available that are designed solely for men above the age of 40 which is unfortunate as there is a big need for it. After reviewing many of the other programs though, Stan Stevenson of HealthAvenger.com states, "Abs After 40 is one of the most through workout and nutrition programs on the market today. The program is a top notch quality system not only for the demographic they are going after but it's one of the top one's compared to all of it's type. Honestly, after following it, it can be recommended for men of any age. It's that good."

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