Abs After 40 Details How Older Men Can Slim Down and Build Lean, Tone Muscle

Abs After 40 reveals how men 40 years of age and older can slim down, boost energy and gain muscle using Mark Mcilyar's new workout program.

Abs After 40 is a new workout program for men over the age of 40 developed by a 53 year old fitness expert named Mark Mcilyar. This new workout system reveals how to get rid of unwanted belly fat, improve energy levels and develop lean, tone muscles along with six pack abs using a simple video follow-along approach.

After spending many years researching why men over 40 struggle to lose fat 53 year old Mark Mcilyar figured out that as men age the hormonal system doesn’t function as effectively which results in improper metabolic functions. This can cause issues such as the body not being able to regulate weight, energy and other health issues. The Abs After 40 workout programs claims that the workouts which are designed just for men 40 years old and above not only help restore and optimize the hormonal system, but also help the individual feel young again and have energy levels the individual had during younger years.

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During the Abs After 40 review it was revealed that men start to see a decrease in testosterone in the mid thirties and this decrease continues to happen as the man ages. Testosterone is just one of the important hormones, but a very vital one for men. This hormone plays a important role in weight management, energy, mood and a number of other systems. When this important hormone decreases it becomes harder for the body to release stored fat which causes a massive increase in fat stored around the midsection.

“Many older men eat right and workout, but struggle to see results and this is because these men are experiencing a hormonal imbalance or decrease. Men expect to see the same results with dieting and working out they received at the age of 23, but due to this hormonal slowdown what worked back in the days doesn’t work the same now which is why men over 40 must follow a age specific workout protocol for optimal results,” reports Mark Mcilyar.

The author of Abs After 40, Mark Mcilyar designed the program and the workouts to stimulate testosterone production and optimize additional hormones using a customized style of compound movements. This method works well because it activates many of the largest muscle groups at once. This is vital for the increased production of male hormones.

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Traditionally this form of exercise has the most benefits for men 40 years of age and older, but in most cases they require free weights. Mark Mcilyar discovered this was a problem for many older men due to the high impact and dangerous nature of weight lifting. This is because as men age and hormones decrease the muscles become weaker resulting in increased injuries, muscle tears and increased neck and back pain.
Abs After 40 utilizes a low impact, customized version of compound movements and only the most effective ones are included. In addition, Abs After 40 reveals that these workouts have to performed at a specific intensity per set. Too much and the hormone damage can increase and not enough can yield little to no results.

The Abs After 40 program consist of 3 different phases. Each phase helps the individual to progress to the next one which creates a stacking effect for improvement over the course of the program. This allows the body of the individual to gradually start to optimize the hormones without putting unnecessary pressure on the body or metabolic systems.

Phase 1 of the Abs After 40 program called “Fat Loss Jumpstart” focuses on one of the most important aspect to men which is eliminating stubborn belly fat. Men can’t achieve a lean, muscular body if there is large amounts of stored fat. This fat must be eliminated for six pack abs to be shown. Phase 2 of the Abs After 40 program is called “Male Hormone Optimization”and is designed to focus more optimization of the most important hormones now that phase 1 helped eliminate stubborn fat. The workouts within phase 2 target specific groups of muscles which help to increase hormone production and balance out other vital hormones. Once hormones become optimized more fat begins to come off, muscle growth is increased, energy boosted and other benefits occur.

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Phase 3 of the Abs After 40 program called “Full-Auto Fat Burning and is designed to focus only on developing a lean, muscular body and developing solid, six pack abs. The author of the program developed a unique style of ab training known as A40s that utilizes 4 of the most effective ab exercises which target ab muscles and core muscles at exactly the same time. This method of ab training is much more effective than traditional training and produces results in a faster manner.

In addition, the Abs After 40 program contains a complete nutritional system which helps to promote a healthy hormone system and a ebook that shows men how to avoid common injuries, deal with recovery periods and other useful tips. The entire Abs After 40 program is video based so men can see exactly how Mark performs the workouts and can follow along. Abs After 40 also comes with a 60 day money back guarantee so individuals can try out the program risk free.

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