About Health Supplements Launches Supplements Guide And Recommends New Zealand Provider

About Health Supplements has created a how-to guide for identifying and buying supplements online and recommend New Zealand company Xtend-Life.

Dietary supplements are more popular now than ever before, and now generate billions in sales. Because of their enhanced popularity however, more poor quality products than ever are flooding the market to try and capture a slice of market share. About Health Supplements is a new website that has been created to assist its readers in identifying high quality supplement products and help to eliminate scams and cheap imitations by outlining the key factors that should always influence buying decisions, as well as recommending New Zealand based Xtend-Life as their number one provider.

The tips on the site will work equally well for this interested in a multivitamin for men as it will for those seeking to reduce cholesterol levels. The website is very intuitive for visitors as it’s broken down into several sections for quick and easy navigation. The extensive introduction explains how the site came to recommend Xtend-Life, then explains their suite of products to potential buyers.

Many frequently asked questions are put to rest, and the features of this recommended provider are used as an exemplar by which to judge every other company out there, from their customer service options for worldwide customers to their easy online ordering, newsletter, informative blog, and of course the supplements themselves.

A spokesperson for About Health Supplements explained, “We have recommended Xtend-Life because their brand mission is reflected in the quality of their finished products, and has as a result made them a major player in the world supplement market. Our overview of how to source supplements recommends that users identify several key criteria and it is in every one of these that Xtend-Life excel, making them the obvious choice for us to recommend. Our assessment is based on genuine transactions and customer experiences so users can feel confident that our experience will be reflected in their own.”

About About Health Supplements:
About Health Supplements is a single-page guide explaining to readers how to identify popular and effective health, diet and training supplements according to key factors. The guide includes a recommendation for a particular New Zealand based brand of health supplements that provide the best and most effective branded supplements and explains how to access these supplements to get the results readers are looking for.

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Website: http://abouthealthsupplements.com/

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