ABC Home and Commercial Launches Initiative in Response to Growing Termite Risk

Free annual inspections can help thwart thousands of dollars in termite damage, publishes

With typical southern Florida daytime temperatures ranging from the low 70's during winter months to summertime highs in the 90's, Orlando Termites are considered a year-round threat. Due to their small size and accelerated destructive capabilities, these wood devouring insects often catch home and business owners unprepared for the damage potentially ensuing from an infestation. With all this in mind, Phillip Pickerill of ABC Home and Commercial Services has launched the company's annual property inspection initiative.

Said Pickerill, "Termites thrive in a warm, damp environment, and Florida is among the most high-risk areas of the United States. We also have a few different species to contend with here, which makes the threat even more severe. The key to keeping damage to a minimum, or preventing it altogether, is having your property inspected at least once a year. This allows an Orlando Exterminator to catch an infestation in its earliest stages or put preventative measures in place before one occurs. Our free inspections can help thwart thousands of dollars in destruction."

Four primary species of termites have been found in Florida. Among these is the Eastern Subterranean variety, estimated to affect as many as 1 out of 5 homes in the region. Living up to 25 years, the queen of a colony can produce approximately 2,000 eggs per day. Workers of this species only live an average of 2 years, yet they are known for continually working around the clock during this time. Formosan Subterranean termites can also be found in the state. While this species typically builds colonies underground, they are known for large-scale dispersion to find new food sources and can enter structures through crevices as narrow as 1/16 of an inch.

Powderpost Drywood varieties typically attack certain types of timber as well as furniture found within homes and businesses. The Florida Dampwood Termite has been deemed the least significant threat of these. Though this variety tends to remain outdoors in trees, it will make its way inside if moisture levels drop below the levels it needs for survival. An entirely new species has also recently been discovered, a strengthened hybrid resulting from natural cross-breeding of Formosan and non-native Asian termites.

Pickerill concluded, "We conduct a thorough inspection of each home. If our customers already believe termites are present, we begin where they've seen evidence; if not, we examine areas we know they're likely to show up, such as door frames, window sills, inside the attic and around the foundation. We offer a number of control and prevention measures, such as the state-of-the-art Termimesh system."

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