AAA Handbags Has FDA Approved 3M N95 Face Masks for Sale for Under $5 Each

Anyone looking to purchase a 3M N95 face mask can do so from AAA Handbags. Their supplies are limited, but they are offering what they have in stock at reasonable prices to help protect everyone they can.

During this time of chaos, many people are looking to buy 3M N95 face masks to protect themselves and those they hold dear. Some areas of the United States even require masks to do simple, essential errands, such as going to the pharmacy or grocery stores. In Los Angeles, anyone caught without some type of face covering can face up to a $1,000 fine. Currently, there are some available from online retailer AAA Handbags.

While many have turned to creating their own face masks, those are simply not as effective against viral particles. Plus, homemade masks can actually hold on to live viral particles for longer due to the moisture that is produced each time the wearer exhales. The N95 3M face masks at AAA Handbags are FDA approved and made of several layers to keep the wearer as safe as possible.

Each mask comes with 3M certification and is bagged for protection. The white masks are white with white ear loops and an adjustable nose clip so that the 3M N95 face mask will fit nearly any size face. The inner lining is soft while also being electrostatically charged to hold on to any particle that is exhaled by the wearer.

While supplies of these masks are limited, currently, buyers can purchase 100 masks for $480, making the price quite reasonable for the level of protection they provide. These masks allow people to be safer when walking around outside, going to work if their job is deemed essential, and even travel if it is necessary. In most instances, the masks will also arrive in 7 days or less despite the current state of deliveries.

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