AA Car Transport Warns About The Dangers of New Car Transportation Scams

AA Car Transport have published a new editorial which makes clear the dangers of newly emerged car transportation scams costing Americans millions per year.

Car transport is an essential service in a globalised economy in which almost every car, whether a fleet of company cars, limousines, taxis, or individual cars are transported from state to state with the United States. Other markets have also opened their doors to the car transport business such as auctions and private owners as more and more people are finding different ways of buying and selling cars. This essential service does however mean that many have specialised in taking advantage of customers to extort them for far more money than it should realistically cost. AA Car Transport is a car transportation broker service who has published a new editorial warning of such scams.

The site includes a free online car transport calculator that makes it easy for individuals or companies to get a quote and set their expectations as to how much transportation might cost if booked through AA Car Transport.

Their latest article sheds light on car transportation scams designed to extort money from individuals and companies alike, and sets out a list of golden rules to avoid car transport scams. The advice is a good mix of recommendations from the common sense precaution to scouring the legal fine print to ensure no nasty surprises await. The easiest way to avoid a scam is, according to the article, to book a trusted, insured and reliable transportation service through a broker such as AA Car Transport.

A spokesperson for AA Car Transport explained, “New car transport scams are cropping up every year, but the last year in particular has seen an upswing in the numbers of individuals and companies who have been taken advantage of by new scams, many of which we detail in our article to ensure that people are made aware of them. We also give advice on how to proceed if you have been scammed, and recommendations on how to find reliable companies to use through our free broker service.”

About AA Car Transport:
AA Car Transport is an established car transport brokerage company. Their job is to find the most appropriate transporter to fit the customer’s needs. Their professional specialists will guide customers through the auto transport and shipping process and make sure that all customer needs are being served. Their customers include everyone from corporations through dealerships to individual parties. AA Car Transport treats all orders the same way, whether transporting one vehicle or 10 at a time.

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