A Walk in the Life of Sik World

Rapper, songwriter, singer, and well-known YouTuber revealed his life story.

Sik World, whose real name is Jonathan Quiles is an American rapper and singer from Tempe, Arizona. He started rhyming little words together and eventually making full songs. From then on, he started to release his music all over social media and YouTube where he grew a following.

The 26-year-old rapper, singer, songwriter, and YouTuber amassed his following from all over the world because of his exceptional ability in creating a connection between people with his mix of passionate, thoughtful, and heartfelt lyrics. He is known for his covers of Eminem’s “Rap God” and “Mockingbird.” Sik World started making music at the age of 16 and uploaded his first video in 2012.

Growing up, I was always driven off success,” Sik World said. “I know at a very young age that I can dictate my future based on the actions that I’m taking at the moment,” he further added. True to his word, Sik World has now more than 500,000 YouTube subscribers and still counting. “I used to listen to rap behind my parents’ backs,” the rapper recalled. “They didn’t approve of it while I was growing up.’

Sik World stated that his biggest inspiration in creating music is his daughter. She wanted to show her that she can do anything she puts in her mind. “I think it is one thing to tell your children about that, but it’s another thing to be a living example of it,” Sik World further elaborated.

Unknown to many, Sik World was diagnosed with anxiety and depression during his teenage life. Instead of blaming others, Sik World accepted it as a challenge and took it as a motivation for him to be inspired more and awake his best self.

Asked about the three top tips he can give for young entrepreneurs, Sik World said “Number one is learning how to ignore everybody around you and focus on yourself. Number two is work smarter, not harder. And number three is to stay consistent, and realize it’s okay to take a break and refresh your mind so you can come back into your creative space with a clean slate,” he finished.

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