A Sip of Innovation in a Renown Cocktail Bar: Jeria-Mix Making Creativity In Cocktails

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Jeria-Mix is revolutionizing cocktails by making a unique print onto their drinks.

Jeria-Mix is a revolutionizing cocktails bar specializing in making cocktails that are both equally good and visually pleasing. It’s always a good idea to have a refreshing drink on hand during a party, and cocktails are a good idea. As print trend on cocktails is gaining popularity due to their uniqueness and amusement, Jeria-Mix is not slow to jump on this opportunity. With creative prints from various brands to Hollywood stars, Jeria-Mix is impacting by providing a unique but signature touch to their cocktails.

The creator behind the Jeria-Mix bar is Naor Zana, 22, from Netanya. “It was during the covid time that I had an inspiration and idea of this unique approach. What if I could create a cocktail bar that’s unique with an excellent ambience? A cocktail with a unique print that has never been done before?” said Netanya during an interview. “This was how Jeria-Mix started and offering cocktails with a new twist to the public.”

Jeria-Mix success is due to the reasonable price being offered and the elaborate menus filled with cocktails of all kinds, from classical to completely crazy combinations that are out of this world. In addition to that, adding the colourful and creative cocktail print line up into the menu helps to offer customers a more exciting route to lively beverages. It also becomes a topic of conversation between customers as different cocktail prints might have a special meaning to why they select them.

Besides just providing drinks at their bars, Jeria-Mix also provides concept solutions for private and business events. The team will offer their professional services to help host a successful event filled with beautiful drinks. Whether people are just looking for a party punch or a citrus brunch drink, there’s always a printed cocktail for every occasion. It will be a buzz among the people attending, and they get to enjoy a new experience. The team strive to provide customers with the ultimate cocktail experience.

A wide variety of celebrities in Israel have already participated and taken part in JERIA-MIX events such as Eyal Golan and his wife Daniel Greenberg, Eden Ben Zaken, the Bouzaglos family, Israel Bidur channel, Natalie Dadon, Maayan Ashkenazi, Pnina Rosenblum, Sher Fitness, Neta Alchemister, Danit Greenberg, Anna Zak, Gal Avraham, Moshiko Mor, Lior Narkis, Itay Levi and the list goes on.

By reminding people how special their drinks can look and taste, the team at Jeria-Mix is constantly looking to improve and provide the best experience they can to customers. Head over to Jeria-Mix, looking to breathe new life into old classical cocktails. Customers might find a new favourite bar to visit in Israel. Their Instagram page also features regular update and attractive images of their creative cocktail.

About Jeria-Mix

Jeria-Mix is a cocktail bar based on a unique concept in which prints are made on top of any cocktail. It’s a one-stop-shop in Israel offering fancy cocktails for people to try. The bar provides concept solutions for private and business events including professional services to international alcohols in Isreal.

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Name: Naor Zana
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Organization: Jeria-Mix
Phone: +972 50-620-0185
Website: http://jeriamix.com/

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Name: Naor Zana
Email: Send Email
Organization: Jeria-Mix