A New Kind of Video Production Company Arises as Video Worx Comes Online

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From planning and production to promotion, new company handles everything needed for customers to find the audience, engagement, and conversions they seek, Video Worx reports

A new and much-needed kind of video production company comes onto the scene as Video Worx opens its doors to customers. From planning and production to effective, ongoing promotion, the new company handles everything needed to achieve even the most ambitious Video Marketing goals.

For a limited time, visitors to the new Video Worx website can book their own free, no-obligation, consultation and strategy session, receiving actionable information that can be converted into tangible results. With every client receiving personal, in-depth attention, Video Worx develops and executes Video Production strategies that account for the unique features of their particular business, industry, and market. By employing well-tested frameworks and approaches that have been proven to attract and engage audiences while converting viewers into customers, Video Worx makes it easy for businesses to leverage the most powerful marketing medium of all.

"We're proud to announce that Video Worx is go!" said agency founder Ed Mochrie,“We’ve seen too many companies that have invested in great looking videos that they are unable to find an audience for, Video Worx was created to address that challenge right from the start. Everything we do is calculated to make sure that our clients' investment gets transformed into results; from the initial planning, through to production and subsequent promotion. Video truly does work to get results, we continue to prove it everyday."

Online video already consumes a majority of peak Internet bandwidth usage, and that share continues to grow steadily. As might be expected from such a popular medium, video also makes for a potent marketing tool. Research conducted by marketing software provider Hubspot, for example, found that a single landing-page video can increase conversion rates by up to 80%, with the fact that 92% of mobile viewers share their findings with friends adding another dimension to video's appeal for marketers.

Even given this obvious potential, though, many businesses still fail to make good use of video for their own marketing purposes. One common problem is ending up with an apparently well-made video that fails to find an audience, leaving a potentially expensive investment to languish without producing returns. Another frequently encountered failure is the inability of some videos to encourage the kind of engagement that turns viewers into customers or better-qualified leads, even when the asset proves to be popular.

Video Worx was created to overcome this entire class of problems and associated ones in a reliable, results-oriented way. By handling every stage of the process from strategy to post-production promotion, this unique new company can consistently deliver the kind of results that draw businesses to video in the first place.

Corporate Video and marketing projects taken on by Video Worx, reflect in every detail the end goal, with no decision or action being taken without that goal being the primary focus. As a result, Video Worx clients can count on generating new business, building brand awareness, or whatever else they might set their sights on. In celebration of the one-of-a-kind new company's launch, Video Worx website visitors can, for a limited time, sign up for their own free consultation, whereby they will receive valuable, actionable information.

About Video Worx:

With end-to-end involvement and investment, Video Worx delivers full-service video planning, production, and promotion work that produces interest, engagement, and conversion for clients.

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Name: Ed Mochrie
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