A new era of Outdoor Skin Care - iLab becomes the global partner of Coupe-Icare

iLab becomes the global partner of Coupe-Icare, opens a new era of Outdoor Skin Care

The 45th Coupe-Icare just held between Saint-Hilaire and Lumbin in France from September 20 to 23. Originated from 1974, Coupe-Icare is an annual festival of free flght. It features masquerade flight, aerial acrobatics, hang gliders, paragliders, and hot air balloons. The air force of France also participated the event this year, and performed amazing aerobatic flight. Coupe-Icare has been the world’s oldest and most influential free flight festival.

iLab becomes the global partner of Coupe-Icare, and offers a comprehensive skin care solution for pilots from all over the world. iLab features thalassotherapy formula and extreme plants ingredients; opens a new era of outdoor skin care. Especially, iLab broad-spectrum sunscreen, SPF50 and PA+++, has unique technology of shelter blue light, and has been the most popular product by athletes and amateurs in the event

Purpose of iLab

The most dangerous skin killer is outdoor environment. The global ecological environment is undergoing dramatic changes. Traditional skin care products cannot cope with the ever-changing environment, and the new outdoor environment requires new generational technologies for both skin care and environmental protection.
iLab came into being - a total Solution for six major skin problems (sensitive, acne, dull, sunburn, vulnerable, aging), and the No. 1 choice for the new outdoor environment.

i = Dare to Quest Dare / Coolest brand

With the spirit of “Dare to Quest – Explore unknown world and meet true self,” iLab advocates and supports extreme sports and outdoor explorations. Such as marathon, desert trekking, ski clubs, diving schools, sailing, mountaineering, moto rally championship, combat shooting) . iLab receives a wide range of praise and reputation for providing skin care solutions in a variety of extreme environments.

Lab = Laboratory Innovation / Best thalassotherapy

iLab is inspired by the botanic energy in thalassotherapy (marine therapy). At the beginning of the 19th century, thalassotherapy was popular in Europe from the coast of Brittany, France. It’s used to treat skin diseases such as eczema and psoriasis. It’s used to relieve muscle pain and treat sport injuries of athletes. It’s also used to restore muscle and bone function of patients with arthritis. In the twentieth century, thalassotherapy was popular in premium SPAs and the cosmeceutical effect of thalassotherapy was sought after among Hollywood stars. Celebrities used it to detoxify and rejuvenate, improve metabolism and lose weight. Many superstars, such as Joan Collins and Jennifer Lopez, became loyal fans because it’s natural and very effective.

Originated from the most prestigious thalassotherapy laboratory on the coast of Brittany, the birthplace of modern thalassotherapy, iLab cooperates with top laboratories across Europe, and applies the best formula of modern thalassotherapy.
Throughout the extreme environments all over the world, iLab found out 6 valuable and rare extreme plants. (Resurrection plant from Africa, rockrose from Mediterranean, snow algae from Alps, moringa seed from Himalayas, dolichos biflorus from Ghats, neuroguard from the Arctic ocean). iLab is dedicated to exploring and discovering the survival miracle of these extreme plants against extreme environmental stress (dust storm, blazing sun, freezing cold and water depletion). Extreme plant has been a leading trend of premium cosmetic ingredients.

Extracting natural and effective essence from these extreme plants, laboratory tested and clinically proven, iLab is a new generation of skin treatment of extreme plant (dust block, UV protection, anti-aging, organic degradable and coral reef safe).
iLab developed a series products with cosmeceutical effect – restore skin luster by rejuvenation and perfection. Such as iLab amino-acid cleanser, iLab repairing nano mist , iLab invisible mask, iLab dark magic lotion, and iLab broad-spectrum sunscreen. Especially, the invisible mask made by algae essence extracted from Nordic ocean is a breakthrough advance surpassing traditional cloth mask.

iLab ingredient of extreme plants has won many awards. Such as French patent, European Cosmos organic certification, European BSB best ingredient, and In-cosmetics global innovation award. To becoming a leading brand in marine protection, iLab excludes the harmful ingredients to coral reefs validated and asserted by National Geographic, Wikipedia, and PADI.
Recommended by the world's most influential fashion medias - and , iLab has evoked a new era of outdoor skin care.

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