A New Complete Nutrition Meal That You Can Chew, Not Drink

A brand new meal replacement idea has been developed that provides optimal nutrition and satiation. It's seen as a better alternative to meal replacement shakes, offering something substantial for the user.

Achieving the right nutritional balance is essential for humans to be healthy and live fulfilling lives. Unfortunately, there are lots of bad foods out there, leading many people astray. As a result, the health industry has exploded with a host of meal replacement products designed to nourish individuals and make them feel full. Most of these products come in the form of drinkable shakes, but one health enthusiast from the UK has come up with another idea. Dave Carr invented Growli, a complete nutrition food, which is a hybrid of oatmeal and muesli.

Growli is seen as a unique introduction to the health foods market, offering a meal replacement that's actually chewable. Instead of drinking a shake in a matter of seconds, it provides people with a substantial meal that requires effort to eat. This leaves them feeling more nourished, while also giving a blend of over 26 vitamins & minerals, along with protein, and phytonutrients.

A convenient and super healthy nutritionally complete meal
Growli is a blend of muesli and oatmeal, made with organic ingredients that are good for the body. Oats and seeds form a core part of the ingredients list, and whole grains are also seen on there. The product has dairy protein from grass-fed cows, which gives it a nutritional boost and provides an ample amount of protein for the average human. This is all blended together with things like goji berry powder and other natural ingredients to deliver the right vitamin and mineral intake. Effectively, it's almost like an all-in-one vitamin supplement that tastes nice and can be eaten as a meal!

A better alternative to shakes
One of the reasons this product was invented was that there's a significant lack of complete nutrition meals on the market. The ones that do exist are in shake form, which many people fail to see the benefits. While drinking a shake will deliver the nutrients to the body, it's too easy to digest, passing through the system a lot faster than actual food. As such, people consume high-calorie shakes, only to be hungry a few moments later.

This is really where Growli presents a unique advantage in that it can be chewed and eaten like real food. In that sense, perhaps calling it a meal replacement isn't the right idea - it's more of a genuine meal itself. It can be had for breakfast, lunch, or even a late snack after dinner.

About Growli
Growli was developed by Dave Carr in the early part of 2020. Interestingly, it wasn't initially created with the intention of selling the product to others. Instead, Dave wanted to make a nutritionally complete meal that he could have every day, reducing the need to go to the shops. He came up with this idea during the first coronavirus lockdown, minimising the chances of him contracting the virus. After sharing it with family and friends, he soon realised there was a market for this product. In turn, he created the Growli brand, offering this unique blend of muesli and oatmeal to the UK market.

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