A new addition: 123swap adopted Moonriver blockchain.

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A new addition: 123swap adopted Moonriver blockchain.

There is a big announcement by 123swap that the Moonriver blockchain is integrated into the 123swap's non-custodial, distinctively decentralized cross-chain framework.

Moreover, the leaders of these two industries agree on the collaboration to develop highly decentralized cross-chain applications that will power up DeFi's future.

The 123swap has a decentralized, innovatory, non-custodial cross-chain infrastructure, which is now combined with the Moonriver blockchain with a peerless ecosystem of the essential applications and projects in this collaboration. With the utilization of blockchain technology, Moonriver can quickly develop new value and then use the cases for the consumer's benefit. At this time, 123swap recently completed its seed round, and now it is in its private sale phase. The 123swap is the rapidly growing cross-chain DeFi. Its growth can be measured by monitoring the addition of a new blockchains into it.

Next step for 123swap

123swap provides a wide range of DeFi solutions to its customers across the multiple chains present in blockchain assets. 123swap provides simple and easy management of crypto assets. We provide a next-generation financial ecosystem, expanding the use of different cryptocurrencies and giving access to the entire cryptocurrency market in one place to our customers. Every week there is the addition of 1-2 new blockchains into the 123swap platform. 123swap is the rapidly growing cross-chain DeFi. Some of the blockchains are already added into 123swap, and it is currently adding Ethereum, Fantom, Binance Smart Chain, Avalanche, Moonriver, and Polygon. More addition will be done in the future, which includes new blockchains such as Okex chain, KCC chain, Shiden Network, Eco chain, Harmony one, Cardano, Gate chain, and Solana.

Working of 123swap
https://123swap.finance/ platform speeds up and makes the process of swap automated by using smart contracts. The promotion of Decentralized finance management can be quickly done with the help of smart contracts. 123swap has a convenient and straightforward interface for its users. It maintains a constant rate all over the transaction, and there are no hidden fees, security issues, a broad range of assets are provided, and it is a platform that is a cross-chain on the window. The architecture of 123swap, which is cross-chain in nature, has already supported several blockchains, which include Binance Smart Chain (BSC), Avalanche (AVAX), Moonriver (MOVR), Ethereum (ETH), and Polygon (MATIC) blockchains. In the world, 123swap ranks as the highly advanced cross-chain solution.

What is Moonriver

Moonriver Network is a parachain that is deployed by Kusama. Moonriver has a whole working environment like Ethereum, and it works with Dapps, industry-standard tools of Ethereum, and the protocols. The Moonriver is currently providing the incentivized canary network. First, the new codes are shipped to Moonriver, where under actual economic conditions they are verified and tested.

Moonriver minimizes the changes by mirroring Ethereum's subscriptions, Web3 RPC, keys, accounts, logs, and more required for running the existing Solidity smart contracts present on the network.

What is 123swap finance?

123swap platform is the ecosystem of decentralized finance which enables the perfect swapping of crypto assets between peers. It provides transparent, easy, and convenient exchanges. Investment and income management choices are also provided without any intermediary. The platform's goal is to simplify the trading of crypto assets and reduce slippage.

Make your money work for you by utilizing only one DEFI 123swap finance DEX AMM to swap, hold, send, receive, earn, and invest crypto and NFT across several crypto chains.

The purpose of 123swap is the empowerment of blockchain technology and increasing the usage of different cryptocurrencies for payment and purchase across the finance industry for the establishment of a next-generation financial ecosystem.

123swap allows direct trading across any chain with the help of a cross-chain value exchange mechanism on a peer-to-peer basis.


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