A marketing translation that is persuasive

“We specialise in translating English-language advertising and marketing texts.”

If you hire one of our translators to translate a marketing or commercial text, you will get exactly what you paid for: the ability to win over your readers. We don't just translate a text word for word. Taking liberties with marketing translations is essential for meeting the needs and desires of foreign audiences. As our translators translate marketing texts, they may consult with you about any cultural differences that need to be taken into consideration. Unless otherwise specified in the briefing, the content of your translation will be identical to the source text. We also have a lot of experience with SEO translation services and SEO optimization.

Texts that appeal to their target cultures

Every culture has its own standards for style and how people should be addressed. Companies that want to do business in foreign markets or are already active in foreign markets must tailor their communication strategy to the environment in which they operate. As a result, it is critical that translators learn about a foreign market, have some experience in creating, have excellent knowledge of language and culture, and understand how to use various communication techniques and voice and sentence figures, such as alliterations, metaphors, antitheses, etc. Our marketing translators are native speakers who have grown up or lived in the country for at least a few years and are well aware of cultural differences. If a text is translated into Chinese, for example, you can see this in written communication. In Germany, people tend to focus more on content than in other countries, which is one of the most important cultural differences that organizations need to consider. This is also true for translations into other languages, such as Japanese, where the cultural norms are vastly different.

A certified translation agency that prioritizes the client's needs

We would be delighted to share our knowledge with you. Our translators have a lot of experience translating advertisements and slogans. Because we have our own in-house language experts, we are better suited to consult with you than an agency that only works with freelancers. K&J Translation Agency is ISO-9001 and ISO-17100 certified. In addition, we have a quality guarantee that applies to every single translation. Furthermore, we guarantee to provide you with excellent marketing text translations that will capture the attention of customers in foreign markets as well.
Some marketing translations that we provide on a regular basis include:

We regularly provide marketing translations for brochures, websites, catalogues, surveys, film material, presentations, marketing plans, newsletters, research papers, training materials, press releases, and advertisements.

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