A.H. Harris and Sons, Inc. Launches Extended Service To Meet Clients' Growing Demands

Innovators in the construction industry A.H. Harris and Sons, Inc. pass expertise along to their clients.

Industry statistics indicate an estimated 730,000 construction companies exist in the United States driving an annual revenue of more than $1.7 trillion. These companies currently find themselves struggling to meet clients' requests for new construction, which have shown a steady increase over the last 3 years. In light of this trend, the staff of construction supply company A.H. Harris and Sons, Inc. has launched extended inventory and services to help their clients meet the growing demand.

Company spokesperson Sally Harris confirmed, "With our 40 locations in 12 states along the east coast, our company is rapidly growing to keep up with increased industry demands. We have earned our position as a top supply distributor by providing our clients with revolutionary technology. Despite our commitment to keeping up with the latest advances within the industry, we continue to adhere to the values upon which our company was founded almost a century ago."

While A.H. Harris and Sons, Inc. provides a full array of construction supplies, the company specializes in concrete project materials. They are leading suppliers of formwork and shoring equipment, catering to the needs of all sectors of construction. Based on their observations of the specific needs of their clients in the concrete industry, the company used their knowledge and experience to create an innovative clamp forming system known as the Harris 1500. Available in almost 100 sizes, this product differentiates itself from others on the market in a number of ways including having no top or bottom to contend with, a 1,000 p.s.f. pressure rating despite its light weight, and interchangeable panels.

In addition to this revolutionary product of their own creation, AH Harris also boasts ownership of its own rebar fabrication division. The company offers a full array of concrete products such as mixes, aggregate, curing blankets, reinforcements and patching products. A selection of guides is available on the company website as well, providing instruction and advice for those of all skill levels. These educational materials apply to LEED projects, safe handling of materials and tools, and a number of other topics.

Concluded Harris, "Our experts are proud to offer the most extensive line of products available as well as unrivaled knowledge of the industry. As we approach our 100th anniversary, we intend to continue expanding to meet the needs of our customers whether they own one of the many construction companies throughout the country, or they are aspiring to complete a do-it-yourself project in their own backyards."

About A.H. Harris and Sons, Inc.:
Initially established in 1916 as a small family owned and operated trucking company, A.H. Harris and Sons, Inc. quickly expanded into the construction supply industry. Through their consistently evolving expertise combined with advancing technology, the company is uniquely qualified to serve the needs of their customers.

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