A Brand New Lookbook Offers Inspiration For Summer Fashion

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A well-known fashion retailer has revealed a new inspiration board full of fashion outfit ideas and concepts for people to take advantage of during the summer months.

Summer down under is always an exciting time of the year. The temperatures soar, everyone heads outside, and it's a time to rejoice and have fun. Jacqui E is an Aussie-based fashion brand that's keen to make a difference this summer. The company has recently developed a new lookbook that presents a series of summer fashion ideas for anyone to use. The lookbook itself is free and available on the website, giving both Australians and New Zealanders another reason to look forward to the summer season.

Shades of Summer
Picking the right colours is an essential facet of fashion. The trick is understanding what colours work well in different seasons. Jacqui E has produced the Shades of Summer lookbook with an emphasis on colour schemes. It's not only designed to provide outfit inspiration, but also education on what colours work well throughout the hot summer months.

The lookbook takes users through four main style ideas: Bright Whites, New Neutrals, Blue and Monochrome. It lets people see how these different colour schemes and patterns can work in different scenarios during the summer. The whole purpose of this lookbook is to help customers brighten their wardrobes and elevate their fashion game.

Outfit Inspiration at the Click of a Button
With the Shades of Summer lookbook, Jacqui E gives people outfit inspiration and ideas at the click of a button. Users can browse through the book to see the different outfit suggestions, and then click a button to 'Shop The Look.' In doing so, users will be taken to a page where all individual elements of the outfit are shown together. From here, people can add the relevant pieces to their basket and copy the outfits presented in the lookbook. It's seen as a convenient and quick way of shopping for new clothes during the summer season.

About Jacqui E
Jacqui E was established in the 1950s and has grown to have stores across Australia and New Zealand. The brand puts women's fashion first, with a clear message to help all women feel beautiful and comfortable in the clothes they wear. Jacqui E understands that fashion choices directly correlate to how confident a woman feels. As a result, the company is keen to help empower women by delivering unique fashion options that make them feel on top of the world. There are various products and outfits available on the website, with inspiration taken from global fashion trends. Quality fabrics are a key part of what makes the products special, along with exceptional tailoring. Jacqui E is a member of the Just Group, which has helped the company expand across Australia and throughout New Zealand.

For additional information, please visit the Jacqui E website here: https://www.jacquie.com.au/shop/en/jacquie.

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