90-day Addiction Rehab in Orange County Holds the Key to Sobriety

To discover a 90-day inpatient facility near Orange County California, visit them today or contact their number above.

Typically, 90-day addiction rehab programs will be held in residential or inpatient settings. During this period, residents live at the facility and interact with their peers, therapists, and doctors.

This allows for around-the-clock supervision and, when necessary, access to medical services. The level of care is especially appropriate for those who may have a severe addiction, co-occurring mental health conditions, suicidal ideation or behavior, special medical considerations, or a history of poor treatment compliance.

Scientific evidence reveals that it takes approximately 90 days for the brain to reset itself and shake off the effects of addiction. Researchers identified the re-engaging of decision making and analytical functions in the prefrontal cortex of the brain after an addict has abstained for at least 90 days.

Entering a 3-month drug rehab program is a big responsibility and should NOT be taken lightly. Choosing the right rehab in Orange County can make a big difference in the patient’s recovery. Addiction has been on the rise with a record number of overdoses according to the CDC.

The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention released a shocking report that found 72,000 people died of opioid-related overdoses in 2017. The CDC believes that the number could be even higher and will continue to grow.

When entering a 90-day inpatient rehabilitation for drugs or alcohol, you will receive all levels of care. There are different treatment and therapy as the patient completes each stage of treatment. These include Detox, Residential Treatment, PHP, IOP, OP, and finally, Aftercare.

Ninety-day programs are associated with more success in long-term recovery, a decrease in a return to criminal activity, and higher rates of employment in their graduates. Specific programs include the essential features of shorter programs and provide for more prolonged exposure to the interventions. Long-term residential drug and alcohol treatment are programs that do last from 60 to 180 days or longer, depending on the facility.

They are especially useful for people who have relapsed more than once and people with medical complications or co-occurring disorders (a substance use disorder and some other psychological disorder).

Long-term, or 90-day programs, can adequately adjust the goals of the program and aftercare than shorter programs; though, they are significantly more expensive. Attending a more extended rehab may mean more time and more money. However, the long-term goals are significant in the quality of life.

Rehab isn’t just a financial burden: it’s an investment—an investment into a new life. A more extended treatment stay in Orange County may require sacrifice, but the ultimate goal-a fulfilling life without drugs or alcohol may be priceless.

A 90-day rehab not only decreases the chances of relapse, but research also reveals that a more extended stay in rehab enhances the probability of getting hired. According to a study financed by the substance Abuse and Mental Health Services Administration (SAMHSA), people who stayed in treatment longer than 90 days were 22–43% more likely to be employed in the year following treatment rather than those who stayed a shorter time.

There are numerous residential rehabilitation centers (90-day inpatient rehab facilities) all over the nation. The Recover has multiple outpatient and inpatient treatment centers locations throughout the U.S. To discover a 90-day inpatient facility near Orange County California, visit them today or contact their number above.

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