7 Day Jumpstart: Reviews of Danette May's Fast Weight Loss Plan Dissected

Danette May has released her 7 Day Jumpstart program which promises fast and relatively easy weight loss results. In a full review of the program, Steven Wright examines the 7 day plan.

After successfully releasing several popular detox, diet and workout programs, Danette May has released her 7 Day Jumpstart program. As the title eludes to, the program promises fast weight loss results. But because there are so many questionable fitness "gurus" on the internet, Steven Wright from Healthiest Intentions ordered a complete review of the program.

"After an in-depth review of 7 Day Jumpstart one thing stood out immediately to me." reports Wright. "Danette May is one of the most trusted female fitness professionals for a reason and her program is based on sound advice and proven weight loss formulas."

Danette's 7 Day Jumpstart is designed to deliver the quickest results possible. With an intelligent and proven approach to dieting, May points her clients and readers towards eating whole, nutritionally valuable foods. Because of the proper diet being combined with short, effective workouts, many have reported positive results.

For those who would like to read more about her program from her website, click here.

The two main aspects to 7 Day Jumpstart are diet and exercise. In the plan, Danette provides a meal plan as well as recipes designed to support fat loss. Some of the highlights to her plan are no starving, no counting calories, no counting carbs, and no extreme workouts that last for hours.

"I really like that Danette has taken a doable and maintainable approach to weight loss. It's one thing to be able to promise quick results by following some crazy plan, but if one is able to see decent results while being able to continue a program, that's what's important." says Wright.

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The regular price for Danette's program is listed at $30 per copy but she is currently running a special for $17.

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