$6 Million Dollar Existing Real World Investment Portfolios' Immersion Into The NFT Space

MetaHomies is a collection of 3,333 NFTs stored as an ERC-721 token on the Ethereum blockchain. Each Meta-Homie is one of a kind with varying rarity.

Real Estate and the Two Digital Gold Rush’s

Despite a year of unprecedented challenges, the managed real estate market has continued to grow to $10.5 trillion in 2020, leaving it at a current standing of 1.6 times its 2010 size. The real estate market’s convincing expansion in the face of the COVID-19 pandemic has underscored investors’ resolute search for returns across asset classes. Although physical real estate and land has increased tremendously, insiders and early adopters have their shovels pointed at another GOLD RUSH, the rush towards Land in The Metaverse. Many investors are currently paying millions for digital plots of land, not Beachfront Properties or City Skyscrapers, but virtual real-estate with growing value. Prices for acres of this digital land have soared as much as 500% in just a few months. As of October 2021, the total market capitalization of the metaverse companies was 14.8 trillion U.S. Dollars, many of the world's largest companies announced their commitment to these virtual reality platforms. Leading pioneers in tech refer to the metaverse as Web3, the next big step for social media.

While the Metaverse boasts being able to party and game in a virtual world with some of your favorite Hip Hop Artists, there is yet another rapidly growing digital sector gaining twice the popularity, non-fungible tokens. More commonly known as NFTs, non-fungible tokens give users digital ownership of anything worth minting i.e., art, games, and music. The minting of the first NFT took place almost a decade ago. However, this type of digital art only became immensely popular in recent years because of its written ability to give owners something they can use in the real world, and digital metaverse.

Simple digital artwork pieces that were once unique, but quite simplistic for today’s standards, are currently worth several million dollars. Many of these original minted NFTs are worth such large fortunes because of their ability to revolutionized digital art, and their continuance to pave the way for utility NFTs, a more versatile and practical non-fungible token that holders can use, as opposed to simply watching with the use of ‘standard’ tokens.

The NFT market has reached an astounding $22 billion in 2021, compared with just $100 Million in 2020. The floor market cap of top 100 NFTs ever issued measures a collective value of $16.7 Billion, leaving room for an exponential amount of growth.

Real Estate, NFT’s and the Metaverse

As an exclusive and independent private company, Exodus Mining LLC has established roots as a crypto currency mining company, parleying profits from mining into Real Estate. Alongside managing partners, Exodus Mining LLC has generated over $6 million in current performing assets under management.

Exodus Mining LLC has ambitious plans to combine the best of these 3 worlds. They look to revolutionize the NFT industry as a leading pioneer with their launch of the MetaHomies NFT. The company plans to release a limited collection of 3,333 NFT’s. MetaHomies is one of the most ambitious NFT projects that emerged on the Ethereum blockchain, offering its holders a plethora of lucrative benefits. The Company’s belief in NFTs stems from the idea that they can prove ownership of real-world items, and their ability to authenticate extends beyond art and games. In the coming years, the company predicts a large adoption of NFT’s authenticating proof of ownership in cars, real estate and much more, thus giving NFT’s more fluid market potential.

One of the main allures of NFTs, in general, is scarcity. The limited availability of tokens engages potential buyers in a race, but the token needs to offer value beyond rarity. MetaHomies NFT checks all the boxes by providing members-exclusive benefits, advanced holder rewards, metavaverse access, and more.

MetaHomies NFT provides immediate Utility from Start

The D.R.I.P. by Exodus Mining LLC. The utility of any cryptocurrency for it to be of any value needs to be sustainable. MetaHomies NFT plans to launch the D.R.I.P. standing for Decentralized Real Investment Portfolio, combining the existing $6 Million Real Estate Investment Portfolio’s performance as an Index. The rewards are directly correlated to the performance of the D.R.I.P. portfolio to support the MetaHomies non-fungible tokens. By holding just one MetaHomie NFT you will earn daily rewards in $DRIPCOIN that can be claimed daily.

The $DRIPCOIN is the internal community token for MetaHomies NFT. $DRIPCOIN is generated daily, and the reward share is equal amongst all MetaHomie Holders. $DRIPCOIN can be transferred to ETH but will prove to be much more valuable in the MetaHomies universe.

MetaHomies NFT Community

Metahomies is building a robust community, with continuous growth. Even in their infancy their Discord server reflects the passion, proof of excitement and refreshment of an already existing real world portfolio just waiting to be paired alongside 3,333 MetaHomies NFT’s. Compared to the myriad of NFT projects that boast utility only after launch and minting. Making this a very promising NFT project, and it's current utility play a significant role in what's expected to be unprecedented growth.

MetaHomies NFT presale and public sale of its NFTs are scheduled for Q1 2022. MetaHomies is focused on building the brand’s proprietary virtual land in Metaverse and expanding the definition of the ‘NFT utility token.’ With a tremendous number of innovative functionalities and endless possibilities for growth, expansion, and ultimately ROI for token holders, MetaHomies NFT is bound to change the crypto landscape forever.

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