5HeadGames Secures Partnership with Harmony Blockchain, Iterates Commitment to Provide Transparent Play-to-Earn NFT Game

The partnership will help 5HeadGames to offer gamers play-to-earn NFT games which are secured, transparent, and fast while improving existing platforms such as its premier Enders Gate

For players of blockchain games, transparency and security are more important than ever. A lack of transparent game plays, and the willingness to share private information for the mere chance to win a game can leave players vulnerable and frustrated that game developers have taken control.

5HeadGames development team is on a mission to bring about transparency in blockchain game development. They have formed a portfolio of vetted, trusted blockchain game developers supported by the 5HeadGames platform and community. The platform gives direct-to-consumer access to safe blockchain games with full transparency baked into its DNA.

On this note, the blockchain development and publishing company secured a partnership with Harmony blockchain, which is believed to be an essential building block for 5HeadGames on its mission to connect blockchain gaming to consumers by developing a safe space for gamers to browse and support vetted trusted developers. Harmony Blockchain runs Ethereum applications which will provide quicker, cheaper, and with the same (if not more) security for 5HeadGames.

The partnership will see improvements to the development of 5HeadGames’ Enders Gate, an impressive play-to-earn NFT gaming platform that allows gamers to collect, trade, and battle for NFTs, growing their collection with pack openings featured on the game. The game provides one of the most intuitive platforms available today for gamers to earn tokens. It is a trading card game inspired by some of the more popular TCG's in existence, such as Yu-Gi-Oh, Magic The Gathering, and Hearthstone, to name a few.

Furthermore, the partnership makes it possible for 5HeadGames to secure funding which would be used to expand the team allowing the company to continue meeting and exceeding the goals they’ve set for the trading card game and other innovations in future.

For more information, please visit https://talk.harmony.one/t/enders-gate-p2e-nft-trading-card-game/5661.

About 5HeadGames

5HeadGames is a blockchain development and publishing company that is on a mission to connect blockchain gaming to consumers by developing a safe space for gamers to browse and support trusted developers. The company is building platforms to allow consumers to browse through safe blockchain games and play them securely. With transparency and security at the heart of their priorities, 5HeadGames is the safest place for blockchain gaming.

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