500 Days in the Wild. An Exploration Of Human Tenacity Tugs At Audiences’ Heartstrings

Α Showcase Of The Power Of Family And Love, The Story Has Gone Viral on Social Media

What started as a five-year journey that involved anything from walking, snowshoeing, and paddling across the longest trail in the world while making a film called 500 Days in the Wild, ended in a powerful testament to the universal bonds of family and love.

Author and filmmaker Dianne Whelan began her 24000 km journey in 2015 from Newfoundland, and traveled solo until its last leg, where she was joined by her partner Louisa Robinson, to paddle 3500 KM paddle from Peace River, Alberta to Tuktoyuktuk, NWT.

Their crossing lasted for 4 months, during which the two women encountered dangerous rapids and freezing temperatures, as well as had a one-on-one encounter with a bear in the exact area that left Julien Gauthier, another paddler just ahead of them, dead.

After long periods of time without communication, the two women were surprised when they were greeted by Robinson’s daughter, Janne Robinson, upon setting their feet back on ground in Tuktoyuktuk.

“While I was certain it was Janne, Dianne must have thought I was just eager to see and talk to her after all this time. She just said, ‘No sweetie—but we will FaceTime her when we get to shore’. But in my heart I knew it was her, and, when I saw her start jumping up and down, I was certain that I was minutes away from being reunited with my daughter.”

The moment was captured on an Instagram video (seen here), which generated nearly 20,000 views in the first few days. As the two women begin to approach the shore, the viewer can clearly hear Louisa shout “Janne! Janne”, and crying once reaching and embracing her daughter.

“I hadn’t cried in 4 months,” said Dianne. “

But just laying our eyes on Janne, it’s like something broke inside me and unleashed all those emotions that I had been bottling up for so long.”

The mother-daughter reunion generated significant media attention, as well as an outpouring of love from people across all age groups, who identified with the purity and strength of a mother’s love.

“Talking to all those that identified with Janne and I was so overwhelming, in a lovely, human way,” said Louisa. “I left on this journey because I had lost faith in the world. But when I came back, I realized I had what I needed right there all along: my family.”

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About Dianne Whelan

Dianne is an award-winning filmmaker, author, and public speaker. She has made films on the world's highest mountain, near the North Pole, and now the longest trail in the world. For more information about Dianne’s film and her next 6000 KM’s here, check out her pages on social profile - @500daysinthewild, @diannewhelanphotos, and www.diannewhelan.com.

About Janne Robinson

Janne Robinson is a Canadian author, poet, film director, retreat leader, workshop lecturer, coach and CEO of ‘This is for the women’. Her poetry, films and first book, a collection of poems titled ‘This is for the women who don’t give a fuck’ have touched millions of people. Robinson’s work revolves around encouraging people to become accessible to their truths. You can follow her on @jannerobinson

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