50% of People are Overpaying for Dental Care due to Unnecessary Dental Procedures

Avoiding unnecessary dental procedures will save patients at least 50 percent off their dental costs. Staying clear of business dentists, choosing a doctor dentist and learning about when a dental procedure is required will improve your dental health and reduce your dental costs.

Have you seen the reports where an undercover patient goes to multiple dental offices and gets hugely different recommendations from the dentist?

There is the Reader’s Digest report where the investigative reporter went to 50 different dentists and got recommendations ranging from $1,220 to $29,850. The needed dental work was under $1,500.

A CBC (Canadian Broadcasting Corporation) researcher consulted 20 dentists, the dental cost estimates ranged from $144 to $11,931. The correct amount of treatment and therefore dental cost was about $1,900.

Dentist prices do not vary much from dentist to dentist, therefore the huge range in the dental cost recommendations means that the number of dental procedures recommended to a patient differs hugely between dentists.

In a landmark study, Smile Care Dental conducted an in-depth analysis of 351 dental clinics across Canada and found that over 55% of dentists routinely overcharge patients by doing unnecessary dental procedures. How big of a difference? Over 10 years, a patient will end up spending $1,930 in the least expensive dental clinic and $16,500 in the most expensive dental clinic.

Unnecessary dental procedures are both expensive and damaging to your health. Unneeded dental procedures will cause enamel reduction, tooth decay, gum disease, teeth fracturing and other serious health issues. These health concerns are costly and can be prevented by avoiding unnecessary dental procedures.

Some of the most common unnecessary dental procedures include:
Dental Veneers
Dental Crowns
Cavity Fillings
Filling Replacement
Dental X-Rays
Dental Bridges
Gum Grafts
Wisdom Teeth Removal
Dental Implants
Root Canal

Sometimes, some of these procedures are necessary to protect the health of patients. However, many of the common unnecessary dental procedures are completed for cosmetic or frivolous reasons. Being aware of when certain procedures should be performed will help save on dental costs and prevent damage to teeth.

Unnecessary dental procedures can also be avoided by diligently selecting the right dentist. A "business dentist” that is more interested in driving up dental costs than protecting oral health will recommend dental procedures that are not needed.

A “doctor dentist" that is interested in protecting the health of patients will carefully determine which procedures are necessary. A compassionate dentist will listen to the concerns of patients, carefully examine the mouth and review the patient medical history in-depth. Diligently studying a patient and attending to their needs will ensure they are paying only for procedures that are necessary to protect their health.

Patients should engage in an open dialogue with their dentists about why they deemed a procedure necessary and what the options are. If a patient has multiple dental issues, patients should ask the dentist how to prioritize treatments. Dentists who are unwilling to engage in discussions about dental procedures are not interested in the patient's health as their top priority.

A compassionate dentist that listens will help patients save on the financial costs and health risks of unnecessary procedures.

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