4Paradigm named as leader in the Forrester Wave PAML report

4 Paradigm received the top score in the Current Offering category, and among the highest scores in the Market Presence category.

Recently, Forrester, a leading international market analysis firm, released The Forrester Wave™: Predictive Analytics And Machine Learning In China, Q4 2020 report. 4 Paradigm received the top score in the Current Offering category, and among the highest scores in the Market Presence category.

As one of the most influential and recognized report series in China and the world, The Forrester Wave™ shows how each provider measures up and helps CIOs select the right one for their needs.

This year, Forrester conducted a comprehensive assessment of Chinese market predictive analytics and machine learning solution providers based on 29 criteria, grouped into three high level categories; Current Offering, Strategy and Market Presence. In the end, 4Paradigm was named among the leaders.

The report points out that China's digital economy is showing its resilience, and AI is a key component in driving it.AI mainly consists of machine learning (ML) models, so choosing the right PAML product can help enterprises build AI applications quickly and at scale and improve their AI productivity.

Forrester also summarized the three main capabilities a PAML product should have.

Model development can be simplified for different teams. As the enterprise business continues to grow, AI scenarios will expand from a few to thousands of applications. PAML requires a user-friendly visual interface for AI model development; code-oriented data science teams need a complete, integrated, standalone development environment that covers the entire model development lifecycle; business users without deep ML knowledge need full-featured automatic machine learning (AutoML) capabilities. to improve ML productivity.

Machine learning models can be deployed quickly and at scale. Building ML models is just the starting point; to realize business benefits, companies must deploy and oversee the deployment of models into production applications.PAML needs the ability to deploy models from development to production systems, monitor ML model performance in a business-friendly manner, manage ML models and ensure inter-departmental collaboration, and use new data to retrain online ML models to prevent performance degradation.

Distributed and hybrid architectures can be leveraged to accelerate training and inference. PAML should help enterprises to efficiently distribute the training workload into distributed architectures to reduce developer wait times. In addition, model inference directly determines the customer experience, and to meet inference needs and privacy regulations, PAML should provide a hybrid architecture that facilitates the deployment of models across the cloud, data center, and edge.

The Forrester report states that 4 Paradigm is ideal for firms that are eager to build AI capabilities but lack sufficient qualified personnel to do so.

4Paradigm enables automated machine learning and lowers the threshold for AI applications. 4Paradigm, an AI unicorn founded in 2014, is experienced in large-scale machine learning applications and is focused on empowering full lifecycle AI transformation. The company leverages its AI expertise and business skills to standardize domain datasets, thereby shortening data preparation cycles. 4Paradigm uses ultra-high dimensional algorithms to generate and process billions of data features to improve model performance, in addition to ensuring excellent model performance through continuous, uninterrupted model operations. Simplification of these capabilities differentiates 4Paradigm's automatic machine learning (AutoML) to accelerate enterprise transformation in key verticals such as finance and retail.

4Paradigm customers interviewed said AutoML can be as good as a data scientist in certain scenarios, while also being satisfied with 4Paradigm's ML project management and security features. In addition to software, 4Paradigm can provide AI computing products with integrated dedicated FPGA chips, real-time databases, and hardware-software optimization. For further growth, 4Paradigm needs to find a balance between a standardized product portfolio and customized solutions - a frequent challenge for startups. 4Paradigm is ideal for companies that are eager to build AI capabilities but lack the expertise to do so.

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