420101 Launches To Provide Information On Legal Marijuana Dispensaries In California

420101 was created to help people in California find reliable and high quality sources of legal, medical marijuana in Sacramento and beyond.

Marijuana has been in the news for years, and it’s amazing how attitudes have changed. From being one of the cash crops of the war on drugs to the ‘legalize it’ campaign that outlined its many health benefits for users, the topic remains controversial. Nevertheless, California has legalized Marijuana for medical purposes. This however leaves those who want legitimate medical Marijuana unsure of where to find it, and 420101.com is a site that helps medical users find marijuana dispensaries from which to source high quality, legal medical marijuana.

One of the biggest problems with illegal drugs is that they can often be cut with other materials, laced with harmful pesticides or worse. 420101.com makes sure to point out which dispensaries serve lab tested meds that prevent this from being an issue, together with user reviews, address and contact details, and even a Get Directions function.

The site is built on a Google Maps base and so is familiar to most users, and use a graphical interface to display where on the map the centers can be found, making it easier than ever to quickly identify reputable sources of medical marijuana in Sacramento.

A spokesperson for Marijuana Dispensaries explained, “Medical marijuana is now a legitimate use of this crop, and helps people with long term conditions that cause them pain as well as those undergoing regular treatment for debilitating conditions. Our website is careful to differentiate between dispensaries, doctors, delivery only outlets and those that are handicap accessible, as well as those that accept credit cards. We can even show the nearest ATM so people know where to go when buying with cash. All our listings are currently in Sacramento but extend as far as Cameron Park, and as more dispensaries emerge we will be sure to add them to our listinsg.”

About 420101:
420101 is an online resource to help patients find the closest medical marijuana dispensary. There is a new story everyday about medical marijuana and the positive effects it has in the medical field for pain relief, cancer treatment and more, and this has increased the popularity of stockists. The site therefore provides a map-based layout for people to identify their nearest and best dispensary.

Contact Info:
Name: Joe Bragg
Email: Send Email
Organization: Brandoutreach
Phone: (415) 632 1664
Website: http://420101.com/

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