3D Prostate Treatment Introduces New Anti-Viral Therapy

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3D Prostate Treatment shown to decrease in 90% of people during clinical trials.

Even the healthiest individual will at one point in their life be subjected to a viral infection. Once infected with a virus they will begin to divide and grow in the host system, however, symptoms may be asymptotic. Viral infections begin to become problematic when an individual becomes immunocompromised, these patients will show such symptoms as coughing, sneezing, vomiting, fever, headaches, diarrhea, cramping, fatigue chills, and essentially any other symptoms stimulated by the body looking to eliminate infectious materials. Viral infections, unlike bacterial infections, cannot be treated by antibiotics, leaving them often to the body to treat alone or through vaccinations. 3D Prostate Treatment based out of the 3D Urology and Prostate Clinic have taken lead in looking for treatment in viral infections and have recently developed a 3D Prostate Treatment for Viral Infections.

Many patients use interchange the words virus and bacteria when describing an infection, however, there are sharp differences between the two. Bacteria are eukaryotic (single celled) organisms that have a rigid cell wall a tough membrane surrounding the inner machinery. Bacteria are able to divide and reproduce on their own, outside of a host cell. A majority of bacteria are harmless and can even be used by humans in a symbiotic relationship. In contrast, viruses are smaller than bacteria and only consist of a protein coat that covers their DNA or RNA. Viruses are not able to survive on their own and need to attach onto a host cell to survive and reproduce. Viruses reprogram the cells they attach to and use the cell’s machinery to make new strands of virus DNA. This process continues until the viruses have been made and/or the host cell has burst. Most viruses will cause disease (though symptoms might not be present) when they attack.

Viruses need to be treated right away and generally, the only way to treat them is through the body’s own defense system. A healthy individual will produce immune cells that are capable or recognizing and destroying the virus before any major symptoms are noticed, however, in the young and old populations the immune system may be weak. A weak immune system allows viruses to grow faster than they can be killed off, creating destruction for cells in the body while new virus cells are being expelled through the airways when coughing and sneezing and anal sphincter during defecation.

Once a viral infection has passed the body creates a registry of that virus and how it was able to beat it. Specific immune cells are then created and released if the same virus was to attack for a second time. This knowledge has been exploited by medical scientists in creating vaccines which “infect” the individual with residual viral code and allow the body to create antibodies capable of killing the virus if the full infection was to hit. This ensures that some life threatening viruses are dealt with before they can do any damage. People who are healthy show fewer symptoms when they have had a vaccine or been infected with the virus previously. Patients with little to no immunity often will find themselves with re-occurring infections, this is because the virus is able to hide in lesions and other hard to find places.

Viral infections can be tested through antibody loads. Patients who are exposed to a virus will begin creating the antibodies IgG, IgM, and IgA. IgM will begin forming at an early stage and can be present in the bloodstream for 3-6 months before disappearing. IgA and IgG will be produced later with a longer half-life. The 3D Urology and Prostate Clinic has partnered with Xiangya Medical School for all virus testing needs. There are a broad number of viral examinations currently available, these include HIV and Hepatitis testing. The 3D and Urology Clinic also will set up foreigners with a translator if they need to get viral testing done off site. All test results can be forwarded to the 3D Urology and Prostate Clinic for further analysis and treatment.

The 3D Prostate Treatment has been working on treating viral infections since an increase incidence of prostate diseases caused by viruses. The research by Dr. Song and his team has created a cocktail therapy that is effective in treating viral loads. The Song Lab’s treatment is able to treat a large number of viral infections, this includes latent infection, apparent infection, silent infection and chronic infections. Patients will generally receive a 15 to 20-day antiviral treatment session where they will be given an intravenous drip. The process takes 2 hours to complete but will help the patient produce IgG antibodies that should help the body in fighting the disease on its own. The Song lab has seen a 90% recovery rate in patients who have been treated with this method.

The 3D Prostate Treatment has spent the greater part of the last three decades in helping patients with prostate and viral diseases find sanctuary. The research done by the lab has produced world class results that not only treat the symptoms, but also eliminate the infections completely. People from around the world are now coming to the Song Lab to obtain treatment on some of the most hard to treat diseases and leaving with great reviews. The 3D Prostate Treatment looks forward to treating more patients as the months and years continue.

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Name: Alisa Wang
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Organization: Dr. Song's 3D Prostate and 3D Prostatitis Clinic