30-Year-Old Samples His Way to Making Millions

In the past few years alone, sampling products has become an entire industry of its own, and one entrepreneur has found out how to cash in on the newest trend.

According to Andria Cheng Andria Cheng Andria Cheng , a writer for Forbes magazine, the subscription box service topped almost $12 billion in sales last year. The industry started as a discounted way to receive new products monthly, and until recently, many of the major players in the industry stuck to the big-name brands to include in their boxes. However, companies like Ipsy and FabFitFun began to tap into the hunger that consumers had for the next-best unknown brand.

Ryan Zamo, the now 30-year-old CEO of Z Skin Cosmetics, began to hit on this new trend in the sample box industry in 2017, he told us “At the time I was a relatively new brand, and hearing that these sample box companies were searching for companies like mine really perked me ears up”. However, the entrepreneur soon found that the opportunities were most likely out of his capabilities, he added “It seems amazing on the surface, a large order for hundreds-of-thousands of units, and hundreds-of-thousands of new people trying your products. But then the reality sets in…a small brand like mine doesn’t have $60,000+ to hand over to have the products made.”

Determined not to let the first big opportunity for his brand slip away, Zamo finally found an investor for his order, “It changed my life,” said Zamo. Then using the profits from the first big order and the massive influx in new sales for Z Skin Cosmetics, Zamo began to secure more orders from other big-box companies. “It’s sort of like flipping houses, I guess, you use the money from one to invest into the next and so on,” the 30-year-old mentioned.

Almost two years later, the entrepreneur has now made millions off his inclusion in sample boxes and has seen an explosion in sales. When asked which opportunity he credits to shaping his company the most, the CEO said without hesitation, “Ipsy. Ipsy completely changed my life. And not just in the sense of helping grow my customer base, but they truly shaped my company and brand to what it is today. Working with them completely changed my entire life, they helped me grow not just as a company, but as a person and business owner. I constantly tell them I am so blessed to have had the opportunities to work with them,” he jokingly added, “they probably think I’m joking too”!

Zamos brand Z Skin Cosmetics has now been featured in over 20 of the largest subscription boxes. Thanks to his newfound marketing strategy, his products have now topped over 60,000 online reviews and has helped bring in over 500,000 new customers worldwide.

By assisting consumers in finding new brands, It seems that the sample box industry is growing at a tremendous rate, and it seems this young CEO is determined to grow with it.

About Z Skin Cosmetics:
Z Skin Cosmetics is a 100% handcrafted, organic, cruelty-free brand of skincare and mineral makeup.

Founder Ryan Zamo was no stranger to organic herbal remedies growing up. He was always surrounded by plant life with a father from Budapest, Hungry, and a mother who studied horticulture and plant biology. Ryan grew up, without knowing it, learning what would one day make him an international success. "I always thought they were a bit off because if I burnt myself or was itching something, they'd run after me trying to rub me down with weeds from the backyard," the CEO explained.
Z Skin was originally created to help Ryan Zamo win his battle over acne. He quoted, "I honestly just started making skincare because I was tired of trying everything under the sun and seeing absolutely nothing happening to my skin." With the help of his parents, Zamo sat down and designed a planned attack against his acne, eventually leading to his skin being cleared in just eight days.

Launching in2015, the company has now gone onto become an internationally selling brand, and Zamo prides himself on still handmaking every product that is sold.

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