3 year old Elton John Super Fan to Attend Friday's Cincinnati Concert

One 3 year old old fan of Elton John gets to attend a Concert that many adults could only dream of!

Many adoring Elton John fans have to wait an entire life time for the opportunity to see the Rock and Roll icon live.  However, one Cincinnati girl, who is a lifelong fan, will get the opportunity to see her favorite entertainer of all time this Friday in Cincinnati.  Meet Evy Jane, a 3 year old die hard Elton John fan.  She’s been a fan for all of her life and some say even before she was born.

Recently, her parents, Shawn and Alli, released an internet video demonstrating their daughter’s affection for the music legend.  The video shows Evy growing up over the last couple of years, showing her love for Elton John in a number of different ways.  While most kids want Super hero’s or cartoon character themed birthday parties, she wanted an Elton John themed party for her first birthday.  Not only did the family give her an Elton John themed party, they also took pictures with sunglasses that were reminiscent of some of the singer’s trademark big, bright and bold costumes, next to a poster of Elton John.

The most amazing part of the video is Evy’s travels as an infant.  While her parents traveled heavily for work after her birth, she had to travel with them.  In the video, her parents demonstrate a number of times how she would be crying and would immediately stop and become very quiet and calm nearly immediately hearing Elton John’s famed “Goodbye Yellow Brick Road”.  In the video, the success is displayed more than once and is effective for the entire length of the clips.

Later in the video, we see a montage of Evy Jane alongside an Elton John live performance video, singing and playing her piano.  The video also shows Evy Jane’s desire to see the performer live, as she is interviewed by family members inquiring who she would like to see live.  Not only does she desire to see the singer, she exclaims a couple of her favorite songs she hopes to see live.

Her parents released the video in effort to make the legendary singer aware of his ‘biggest littlest fan’ as they call her.  Evy Jane will be attending the Cincinnati leg of Elton John’s tour this Friday at U.S. Bank arena with her Grandparents, hoping to catch the singer’s attention.  Evy Jane is even a member of Elton John’s famed “Rocket Club”.

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