3 Secrets For Fast Holiday Weight Loss After The 4th of July

Holidays can sabatage a weight loss plan. Here are 3 secrets to create fast post holiday weight loss..

"Everyone thinks that summer is a great time to lose the weight they put on over the cold winter months," says Todd Stofka Weight Loss Expert. This is not necessarily true.

Since May and the arrival of the warm weather, its the season for graduation parties, weddings, pool parties and barbeques. Stofka calls these the social diet saboteurs. Think back now of those events. These were great opportunities to stay on your eating plan.

Don't despair. It is never too late. Just follow these three secrets and lose weight:

3 Secrets For Fast Holiday Weight Loss After The 4th of July

1. Drink Plenty of Water
Drink water before, during and after eating. When people think they are hungry, most people trying to lose weight are actually dehydrated. Satisfying your thirst will slow down the appetite and reduce the amount of food consumed.

2. Anticipation and Adaptation
No matter which eating plan chosen, mentally prepare ahead of an event to eat the foods on your plan and avoid those that cause you to fail. If bread is not on the eating plan, there is no eating rule that says burgers and hotdogs must be served on bread or a bun. Stofka suggests putting them on a plate and pile on the colorful veggies.

3. Taste the Food
By chewing the food the taste buds get a chance to work thereby allowing one to enjoy the meal. Chewing a mouthful of food 30, 40, even 50 times will reduce it to water in your mouth, enhancing the eating experience and allowing the dieter to feel fuller faster.

For those who find it hard, they can consider choosing to employ the help of a qualified hypnotherapist, who can get to the source of weight loss issues and help to change any negative behaviors thereby allowing a person to achieve their weight loss goals.

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