3 Day Detox: Reviews of Danette May's Recipes For Fat Loss Published

Danette May Releases Unique Bikini Body Detox program that promises to work wonders. Reviews put a microscope to this 72-hour detox and weight loss solution.

After the wild success of all her previous diet, detox and exercise programs that quickly became a hit, Danette May has done it again with what she terms as the Bikini Body Detox program. This new program assures users of a quick and easy way to get rid of years of toxins and waste while still skyrocketing energy levels and melting away fat. The most interesting part is that all this can be achieved in a matter of 3 days without starving or depriving the body.

In the Bikini Body Detox program, May points her clients to a complete and highly effective three-day cleanse program that looks at a new aspect of weight loss. This program is designed to deliver speedy results without having to put users through extreme and rigorous routines. After purchasing the Bikini Body Detox program, users get access to May’s three phase detoxification formula that lays down a step by step plan to achieving the final goal. The first phase gently eases users into the detox program by prepping their bodies. The second phase involves adding a specified list of non-inflammatory foods that allow for safe and natural purging of all toxins. Lastly, May shows users how to complete the detox process and put their bodies in prime fat burning mode for faster weight loss.

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As one of the most trusted female fitness professionals in the industry, it stands to reason that Danette May's detox recipes are based on proven weight loss formulas and sound advice. For those who haven’t had the chance to look the program over, Danette’s dedication to sharing her message of self love and clean eating come out clearly as the missing link to most health, weight loss, and diet regimens. Some of the highlights to this new plan include no starving, depriving or punishing the body, all while enjoying tasty smoothies and detox drinks.

Danette May is a certified NASM nutritionist, Pilates instructor and overall fitness professional with over 14 years of experience. The 38-year-old mom of 3 who graduated with a degree in pre-med and nutrition now uses all her skills and experience to help people improve their lives through healthy lifestyles. Quick fan check: May has also starred in a few top selling fitness videos and national TV networks such as CBS and NBC. Today, people around the world can benefit from her advice and work on fitness, nutrition, and living right.

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In a recent interview with Jill V. Mangino, Danette May was quoted saying, “I want each and every person to have the tools to look and feel their absolute best! I dream of instilling hope in everyone with the desire to lose weight, have much more energy and self-love. I know that if I can bring this confidence in one's mind and body, then it will translate into the rest of the world.”

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